From Tracie: A Tale Of Loo Water

Thursday, August 25, 2011

A Tale Of Loo Water

Tracie- "Thomas, would you please get me some lime water?"

Thomas- "Katarina, would you please get your mom some lime water?"

Katarina (while giggling and running into the bathroom)- "I'll get you some loo water"

Tracie- "I don't want loo water. I want lime water."

Katarina (calling out from the bathroom)- "Loo water coming up."

Thomas gets up and walks toward the kitchen.

Tracie- "Y'all better not bring me loo water."

Thomas- "Blue water? What is blue water?"

Tracie- "LOO water. I want lime water, from the kitchen."

Thomas- "Where is Katarina getting blue water?"

Katarina (over the sound of the toilet flushing)- "I'm not getting her blue water, I'm getting her loo water"

Tracie- "She is getting it from the loo. Katarina, if you bring me loo water, you will be in trouble."

Thomas- "What is blue water?"

Katarina (walking into the kitchen)- "Dad, I'm not getting her blue water, I'm getting her LOON water."

Tracie- "I thought you said you were getting me loo water."

Katarina- "No, Mom. I said loon water. Water for a loon."

At this point, I went to the kitchen and made my own lime water.
It seemed safer that way.


  1. This just cracked me up...thanks for the smiles Tracie!

  2. bwhahah yeah you will have to come up here cause ya'll would fit right in I swear..

  3. Oh yeah, definitely safer. You can never trust the ones that love you not to give you toilet water.

  4. yep, sometimes it doesn't help to it

  5. This sounds like a convo my mom and brother would have.

    I think you are wise to cut your losses and grab some lime water yourself!

  6. Agreed...definitely safer to get it yourself!!


  7. Odd because my son is obsessed with loo water at the moment. Could be all the potty training attempts going on.

    Yes, stay away from the loo water. And best to do it yourself.

  8. OMG how cute was that! I think it was a good idea to get your own water, too. Awesome.

  9. They say life is a comedy. This proves it. (Loved the way you wrote it, too :)

  10. Sometimes loo water is blue water.... so...

  11. saying something about the looney bin

  12. Your kids are hilarious! Yes, much safer to get your own. :)

  13. Yeah, I wouldn't take any chances with that.