From Tracie: Stream of Consciousness - Swirling Questions

Sunday, September 04, 2011

Stream of Consciousness - Swirling Questions

My thoughts are swirling tonight. I suppose that is what I get for avoiding the blinky cursor on my screen for most of the week - too many thoughts have been stuck in my mind with no where to go. Too many questions.

I've spent a lot of time questioning myself.

Questioning my writing - why do I do it? what is it accomplishing? am I wasting my time? do I have a voice? 

Questioning my self-censorship here - I know the answer to part of this one. 
I'm coming out of the political shadows on the blog with two words: 
Ron Paul. 

Questioning some of my firmly held beliefs - and realizing that they might not be as firmly held as I once thought.

Questioning relationships and in some instances, lack of relationships - I wonder how often I hold back, and miss out? I wonder how often I go all in, and loose anyway?

Questioning my choice in music - because I really need some new tunes that speak deeply to my heart.

Questioning my impact - in good and bad ways. 

Lots of questions. Not always a lot of answers. 

I try not to hide from questions - Questions can be a way to re-examine.
Questions can be a catalyst for growth.

If my amount of questions is any indication, I still have a lot of growing to do.

Do you ever find yourself with more questions than answers?


  1. One of the best qualities that many people is that of introspection. It think it's wonderful to examine who you are and what you are doing and where you want to go. Just make sure you do it with a positive spin. Look for how to make changes, not cast doubt on yourself!

  2. I always have questions. I ignore some of them.
    Much of the time, when I have questions, especially the ones only god can answer, I have learned that the answer is "wait".
    If I can just hold on and wait, the answer will arrive, exactly when it is supposed to.

  3. Questioning yourself is a fact of life. I question my motives and choices daily. Some say it's pessimistic and I call it thinking. :)

  4. I think you should write because you want to and enjoy it. The moment it becomes a chore, it is no longer fun. You have a great voice, so keep up the writng! :)

  5. These days, I have had to grapple with a lot of questions, too. I struggle with making sense of what I'd like to do with my writing and blog. It's tough, but my goal is just to continue moving forward and finding answers to my questions through doing things that seem, at least, to make sense in the moment.

  6. I hear this loud and clear hun. Especially with all my family is going through the last few months.. I just need time to sit and think.

  7. Questions can be wonderful when they drive us forward. Questions can be torture when they assail us with words that do not serve us.

    Hoping that your questions bring growth and peace.

    And they don't ever silence your powerful voice.

  8. Questions are GREAT! If we didn't have questions there is no way we can grow and evolve in our lives. :)

  9. Girl, in my experience we all question this in times of when are changing and questioning our own core beliefs. I know I speak for many who feel that by coming to believe new things I am betraying all the old thoughts and those who agreed with me at the time.

    As I look around after 40 years, though I see so many more being vocal and/or finding their own voice, the statistics prove that abuse of all kinds are still happening. The good news is that we are hearing it more so I know more have found their voice.

    Myself, now as I've settle into a quieter time in my life, I keep the resource available for now. Know that your feelings are understood.

  10. the most brilliant teacher i had would the questions were key. he mocked the expression love is the answer. 'love is the question,' he said, which is funny because that in itself is a statement and not a question:) but he conducted his entire class surrounding questions and what can be gained simply by questioning, without answering. i still hear his lessons 20 years later.
    questions rule!:)

  11. Questioning is good - those who don't ask questions don't grow.

    Questioning yourself is a tough one. Go out there and just do it. Don't question yourself!

  12. I think it's good to question yourself. How else will you ever grow if you don't?

  13. I loved this post!! It is so very true and I am going through the same thing. Questioning yourself will lead to changes and a stronger you. And let your writing always be honest. You will connect with more people in very real ways if you do!

  14. This spoke to me...because I too lately have had a lot more questions and less answers than I would like. I hope we both can get the answers we need, even if we don't necessarily like them.

  15. This is just a time in your life/career that more questions just seem to make sense...if they don't now, then they will soon! Something big is in your future! Stick with it :)


  16. Questions are good: they show restlessness, and almost always lead to a good change in the direction your soul is seeking.

    This is good, T. Believe me.


  17. I question myself frequently. I have no idea if it's a good or a bad thing but I do it. Hopefully you find some answers to your questions.

  18. Not only with more questions', but when given some answers' - seems' too DOUBLE the velocity with which MORE questions' enter my mind. Even making the amount surging to higher numbers' still..... very often. WHY? Perhaps because they are harder questions' that even someTIMES have no answers' - just becoming 100 from 1!

    I feel it is all to often, am left with 1 of 2 responses in my attempt to ask fi can gain enough courage to ask:

    "There are sometimes no words' - you are right or answers."


    "You ask 1 question, which becomes so many more - STOP! and try to find some answers' yourself."

    The thing is: I DID and DO try, but when at a young age it begins to be told to you, "Stop with the questions', the sad part is one does - I did. Even stopped talking in certain environments and situations - could not find words' anymore - especially where there are none. This is still an issue am working on.

    Also, about TIME - read something once that meant a lot:

    Time STOPPED - not from passing, but from mattering.....(iHOW TRUE, for me, anyway). It did. From mattering and that has been the effects' of what abuse and trauma did/do.

    Harder yet is when it began to matter again, it hurt so much MORE because went through one of WORST assaults, have EVER been through soon after. It was by some people who had asked for help....leading me to FEEL the very thing I was born to do - humanitarian work - feels as through I just slapped myself in the face (when it was not even me that slapped me, but them, and not just the face, but EVERYWHERE. Still, I have yet to forgive me - forgiving them is easy, as they were/are sick, but me? Why did I believe them? That night, I lost a lot more trust then usual - most in me . . . . .

  19. Questions lead to moving and changing and growth. Yes they are frightening at times but how many of those questions set your feet on a path to a new direction?

  20. I often ask myself such questions. They can drive you nuts sometimes, but I think questioning oneself is better than living "the unexamined life."

    As for your writing: you obviously get something out of it and, as long as that's true, so will your readers!