From Tracie: My First Halloween

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

My First Halloween

This might be hard to believe, but yesterday I did Halloween for the first time. I grew up in a non-Halloween family, and we haven't really done the Halloween thing with Katarina, either. So dressing up and trick or treating was a pretty big deal. Much thought and discussion went into the costume decision.

Pirate Katarina.
She is a very serious pirate, with a sword and a "don't mess with me" argh.
Katarina the serious pirateKatarina pirate with sword

We went to Cranes Roost Park - saw some other bloggers
ate yummy cheeseburgers, and hung out with Wendy.
Wendy Thomas Wendy's Tour Across America and Thomas
The real Wendy. She was incredibly nice and it was fun to spend time talking with her.
Wendy Thomas, Tracie, and Katarina

There was a tent with face painting and balloon creations that we could not pass up.
Katarina got a little more pirate-fied.
Katarina looking at painted face

Thomas had Stu make him this snazzy hat. Roll Tide! 
Thomas with elephant balloon hat

Not to be outdone, I had my face painted, too. 
Notice the yellow polka dots on that butterfly. 
And glitter. 
So much joy going on there. 
My Silly Family

These Star Wars guys look pretty scary, but I think the pirate could take them! 
Boba Fett, Pirate, Storm Trooper

I am the Martian Butterfly Queen.
Martian Butterfly Queen Tracie

After we left the park, we visited a couple neighborhoods for the trick or treating thing. 
So much fun! 
Trick or Treat

It makes a pirate dance.....
Dancing Pirate Katarina come home with all of this candy
Big Pile of Candy

Just so you know, some of that candy is mine, and you should not try to take it, because I'm not afraid to use this sword. Touch my candy, and I will cut you!
Tracie  is menacing with a sword

Now if you will excuse me, there are some pixie sticks and peanut butter cups calling my name. 

But first, one more picture, because I seriously love this little pirate girl! 
Katarina Pirate

Did you do the Halloween thing this year?


  1. She is gorgeous you know this right?? Is Thomas polishing his guns yet? I cannot believe this was your first Halloween. I am so glad you had fun and I love the beautiful butterfly on your face, our face painters suck lol.

  2. She looks adorable, as do you! :) And I LOVE the Star Wars and pirate pic. That's exactly the sort of photo she'll be glad to have when she's older. EXCELLENT!

  3. SO great seeing you yesterday! What a fun event! Your pirate was absolutely adorable and I'm glad she enjoyed Halloween. :)

    LOOK AT ALL THAT CANDY!!! Lots of good stuff in that mix!

  4. It looks like a GREAT first Halloween!!!! You guys are all so cute!!

    We do Halloween every year. It's also my husbands and I's anniversary LOL

  5. Prettiest little pirate I ever did see! :-)

  6. Looks like a fabulous first time, friend!

  7. Just gorgeous - looks like your first time was a HUGE hit!
    And you were rocking the glam Mama!

  8. What a cutie your pirate is!!! Looks like you all had a fun day!

  9. I agree with Angel. Katarina is GORGEOUS. Love the piratey look...
    Atlas I blogged today..I know Shocker dont wet your
    GRab a snickers and some pixie sticks and come on over..
    I may actually post EVERY day in November....

  10. ♥ This post is so yellow I think I am going to cry tears of yellowness. You are so blessed... and I know you know it... and that makes my heart smile like CRAZY! =D Also, I got some yellow in the mail yesterday. I really needed it. Good friends and adopted Wonder-Families keep me sane. This is such a cool post. Love you all! Beautiful, beautiful family! =D

  11. She makes one of the cutest pirate girls ever!

    And I'm glad she enjoyed her first trick-or-treating experience! It would have been fun to tag along and see it through her eyes...


  12. What a darling pirate she is!!! Glad you had a great time!!! :)

  13. What a beautiful little pirate! Mine was a sassy pirate. Nothing serious about her. I have to post my pics!

    You made one good looking Martian Butterfly Queen too.

  14. took Grand kids and Mother to Broadway at the Beach for trick or treat. Glad you had a great time. great pics

  15. Wow that last picture is gorgeous and for your first Halloween you did an amazing job.

  16. Those are all awesome outfits!

  17. She looks fabulous!!! She made out pretty good huh??!!!

    We went the opposite- we have always celebrated & this year we just decided against it. And you know what- the kids didn't even care. Go figure-

  18. Halloween used to be a big deal around my house, but the kids are now too big to trick or treat and we live on a dead end street with old people so we don't get trick or treaters,either. So we just bought ourselves a bag of candy and watched It's a Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown. Glad you had so much fun on your first Halloween! I love the face paint--I wouldn't have wanted to wash it off!

  19. I didn't know you lived in my area. We jog in Crane's Roost quite often.

  20. She is an adorable pirate and I am completely afraid to touch your candy so I'll stick to eating my kids.

  21. She is just darling!!! I love your face paint too :D Where did you get your follow me things up there on your sidebar? I've been thinking I need to get some for my blog to put all my follow me things in one convenient spot :)


  22. She is a cute Pirate :) - looks like a fun time at the park

    stopping by from SITS

  23. Love it! I had to go back and check the date at first. Have you guys done Halloween since? This looks like a fun night!