From Tracie: I Am Early For Once

Friday, January 20, 2012

I Am Early For Once

You know that line of people at the post office at 11:58 on April 15th each year? The people filling out the address of the IRS and affixing the stamp on their tax return? I have been in that line.

There was one year we finished our taxes on April 14th. That was the year Thomas did them. At our house, we refer to that as the year of...well, I refer to that as the year of....actually, I'm not going to tell you how I refer to that year. Just trust me that it is bad, and leave it at that.

Last year, on April 15th, we walked into Amscot and met Julio. Our new best friend. Our tax hero. It is possible he secretly laughed at our last-minute-ness, but I forgive him for that. Because he did our taxes, and it was surprisingly painless.

In December Thomas and I had a talk, and decided our goal was to take care of taxes early this year, before the end of January. So today we visited our tax guy, Julio (it makes me feel all old and grown up to say that I have a tax guy), and took care of business.

Julio even humored Thomas when he wanted to take a picture with him.
(Yes, not only am I a crazy picture taking person - like all of us bloggers - I am also married to a crazy picture taking person. My family's crazy picture taking knows no bounds.)
Julio Amscot Tax Guy
On the right you see Julio, the guy who does our taxes. On the left is Thomas, the guy who isn't allowed to touch our taxes - never at all, not one bit, until the very end when it is his turn to sign the paperwork.

That is the excitement in my house today. Taxes done. Box on my to-do list checked. Procrastination averted. All that is left is the celebration of my unusual earliness.....and since every good celebration includes cupcakes, I think I'll eat two. Or four. I'll definitely stop after five.

I finished my taxes early! What are you celebrating today?


  1. You definitely deserve cupcakes.
    I think it's hilarious that your husband is a photo taker too!
    I live in Canada but work in the US so I have to file both me that box of cupcakes will ya!

  2. Congrats! I finished mine a couple of days ago. I love me some Turbotax. Takes me like an hour at most. And I love the feeling of having them done, don't you?

  3. i have a Teresa, who is my own sort of Julio. she & i are waiting on thoae forms from the people i worked for.

  4. wow. i don't even have all of the paperwork i'm supposed to have...