From Tracie: Ode To Ice Cream or Edy's, Why Do You Hate Me?

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Ode To Ice Cream or Edy's, Why Do You Hate Me?

I was always an ice cream girl.

If we were at an ice cream shop, I would take free samples of lots of flavors - but I always knew what flavor I was going to get, because I went through ice cream phases. I can clearly remember which flavor I wanted my two scoops (on a cone!) to be, depending on which age I was...

Five. I was devoted to Cookies and Cream.

Six. Neapolitan, because obviously not having to choose just one flavor is brilliant. 

Seven. Strawberry, especially the kind with chunks of real strawberries.

Nine. I was obsessed with Mint Chocolate Chip. I even had a Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream cake for my birthday (well, I was supposed to have one, but then the car ran out of gas, and all the girls at the party had to walk four miles to get to a gas station, and there were all these angry parents.....but that is a story for a different time).

Eleven. I flirted with Sherbets - Raspberry was good but Orange was my favorite.

Twelve. I loved Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough (Blue Bell, people, Blue Bell is the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough master).

Thirteen. Banana Splits - but never with pineapple, because that is just wrong. (I also don't do pineapple on pizzas. Or on cakes. Really? Let's all just agree that pineapple isn't a topping for anything, okay?) 
Also Banana Split Ice Cream (much less labor intensive than a real banana split)
And Banana Split Blizzards from Dairy Queen (A tip from me to you: these are SO much more fabulous if you have them use the chocolate shell instead of the regular chocolate sauce when they make it).

Fifteen. I was all Chocolate with Peanut Butter, all the time.

Seventeen. I discovered my true love, Swiss Orange Sherbet from Edy's.
Orange Sherbet with chunks of dark chocolate in it. There are not words to convey how amazingly wonderful this is.


After Thomas and I were married, I branched out in my ice cream eating. He would come home from the grocery store with little containers of Ben and Jerry's (hello Coffee Heath Bar Crunch, my old friend) or Haagen Dazs, that were fabulous. But I always returned to my true love, the Edy's Swiss Orange Sherbet. I made every single person in my family try it, and they were all hooked. 

Then a couple of year ago, someone at Edy's decided they hated me. I know this happened, because they quit making Swiss Orange Sherbet. 

(cue depressing music) 

I have had ice cream issues ever since that day. 

I stand in the ice cream aisle, and can't decide. I have tried all my old ice cream loves, but none of them satisfy. They can't compare with the Swiss Orange, nothing can.

"But I am an ice cream girl," I think to myself, "I am!" so I keep buying ice cream. Not loving it - but not hating it either (because obviously I couldn't hate ice cream)

This weekend I stood, once again, in the ice cream aisle. Edy's was on sale, buy one get one free. An ice cream girl's dream moment. But I felt...flat. unexcited. uninspired. I told Thomas and Katarina to pick out the ice cream, explaining to Thomas that I don't think I'm an ice cream girl anymore. The lack of Swiss Orange has ruined me. Forever.

We came home with Key Lime Pie and Egg Nog ice creams. The Key Lime Pie was good. Maybe even great. And the Egg Nog? The Egg Nog was incredible. 

For just a second, I thought the pain was over. I was an ice cream girl again! Ice cream would be my friend. We would spend warm nights snuggled up in front of a movie, and cold nights snuggled up under a blanket with a good book. 

Tracie and Egg Nog, together forever. 

I was mentally adding "buy more Egg Nog Ice Cream" to my grocery list, when I told Thomas about my breakthrough. And then, Thomas burst my ice cream loving bubble with, "I'm glad you like it. We should probably get some more tomorrow since it is seasonal, and you won't be able to buy it again until next year."

Oh Edy's. Why do you torture me so? Why do you hate me?

Do you have a favorite ice cream flavor? Clearly I need some suggestions. 


  1. (((hugs)))

    I am an ice cream girl too!

    And I'm not an hot weathered ice cream girl, I literally CRAVE ice cream when it is cold - even more so if it snowing outside.

    When we lived in Colorado my husband would always laugh because as soon as the first snow fell, I'd get a random craving for ice cream.

    I have 3 absolute favorites when it comes to ice creams:

    (1) I loved Baskin Robin's pink bubble gum ice cream as a young girl. I'd take a bite, suck the ice cream and set the little pieces aside until I was all done with my bowl, and then chew the gum.

    (2) M&M blizzard from Dairy Queen. There is nothing more satisfying than having smooth ice cream and then these really cold hard pieces of M&M's waiting for you to bite into!

    (3) Chick-Fil-A's Ice dream! There is no words to describe the texture, which is what I love about it the most. The flavor is wonderful, just a plain delicious vanilla - but the texture is what makes it a DREAM! ;)

    Now when we are talking about ice cream we can bring home and eat, there is nothing better than MINT CHOCOLATE CHIP!!! (even better if it has cookies in it too!).

    Although lately I've betrayed my beloved mint chocolate chip because Starbucks has come out with their own ice creams. What could be better than mint chocolate chip?


    Starbuck's Caramel Macchiato Ice Cream is literally HEAVEN! :D

    hmmmm... think you've inspired a blog post of my own! Love you and next time we get to hang out - we are going to have some ice cream!

  2. Great story! I love ice cream too. Favorite has always been strawberry. We have a local homemade creamery nearby which actually makes a type of ice cream called frozen custard and it's even better than ice cream. Different flavors everyday and my favorite there is caramel cashew. That Swiss Orange sounds incredible!

  3. I think I'm classic ice cream cal... butter pecan, coffee or chocolate mint chip or a good ole eskimo pie today, substituted with a Klondike bar. BUT...I sure would like to try some Edy's Swiss Orange Sherbet cause the description reminds me of the Brach's..I think it's Brach's candy orange jelly wrapped in bitter sweet chocolate, a/k/a Orange Sticks. Yummm!

    But if I could have an icream flavor not yet made Jordan Almond Ice Cream!

    Nope...not Brach's just looked it up. I can see the box in my mind's eye..but can't read the

  4. I'm a 'west of the Rockies' gal, so Edy's is Dreyer's where I live...I never got to try the Swiss Orange! Sadface.

    Mint chocolate chip and PB/chocolate were tops on my list as a kid and teen, for sure.

    I like the weird Ben & Jerry's flavors pretty well: Half Baked, Phish food, Late night snack, Americone Dream, as well as the classics: Chunky Monkey [banana & chocolate!], Cherry Garcia...

    Ice cream with real peaches is an amazing summertime option.

    At the holidays I also like peppermint stick, and I tried pumpkin spice once, pretty good. [but not as good as eggnog!]

    Since I like coconut, the vegan coconut ice creams are pretty awesome [even though I'm a total omnivore] ...and haagen dazs makes a pineapple-coconut ice cream which is like a pina colada...IDK if that counts as a topping or ingredient to you, though?

    Recently I tried a weird ice cream from a local dairy--cardamom! It was good if strange. [From Three Twins in Petaluma CA]

    Sometimes I'll get coffee or mocha chip. I *love* "Its-It"--chocolate covered ice cream cookie sandwich. Local longtime San Fran favorite...vanilla, mint, and cappuccino are all excellent.
    Hmm, only west of the rockies:

    Do try them if you make it out west. Heath Klondikes are pretty awesome.

    I like things with caramel and chocolate, mostly/usually...I've also enjoyed sorbets on occasion, mango, peach, raspberry.

    Okay, novella. Good Luck on your quest.

  5. Wow. At some point in your life, you've definitely angered the ice cream gods!

  6. I so relate to this. I can't help but take it personal when company stops making my favorite. I was upset when Ben and Jerry's stopped making Heath bar crunch, but at least they replaced it with coffee heath bar crunch which isn't quite as good in my opinion. I feel sad that I will never get to taste your favorite. Maybe you should start a campaign.

  7. I absolutely LOVE their Swiss Orange Sherbet. I miss it sooooo much

  8. I just sent an email to Edy's about the Swiss Orange Sherbet. I have been lost since they quit making it. Please email Edy's and let them know how disappointed you are that they do not make it anymore. Perhaps it would become a special limited edition treat! I could live with that

  9. Agreed ... we need a campaign. I am not a big ice-cream or sherbet person, but that Swiss Orange Sherbet ... words can not describe how good it is. Or, sadly, was ... Edy's BRING IT BACK! (I posted as much on their web page.) I think I'll call them everyday for year asking when Swiss Orange Sherbet is coming back. ;)

  10. You could have written this about me, except my "seasonal" torment is watermelon sherbet with chocolate "seeds" by brookshires. It's heaven I a bowl. It got me over the worst of Swiss orange withdrawals.....yes, I said withdrawals! But seasonal!! Is heaven seasonal? Is love seasonal? How about it seasonal? No! They are necessary for life, as is Swiss chocolate, watermelon and your eggnog sherbet. *sighs* I am having such horrible cravings right now. :-(