From Tracie: Waiting To Be Picked Up

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Waiting To Be Picked Up

The room is dark during the day. A small sliver of sunshine sneaking between the curtains is the only light we have. We whisper in the dark, sitting snugly next to each other.

Bits of stories.



The sliver of sunlight has long faded when she comes in the room. We watch silently as she kicks off her flip flop, drops her clothes in a pile on the floor, and changes into an old t-shirt and pajama pants. She flops on the bed and looks around the room. Light from the lamp with the purple shade illuminates her face.

We always know what kind of day she had out in the world by what she does next:

On rough days, she heads to the shelves on the left, and reaches for something light and fluffy.

On good days, she walks across the room to the the shelves by the closet - usually pulling a journal and pen out of the cabinet on her way back to the bed.

On days she has been to class, she pulls out heavy tomes from shelves on the right, and scatters them across the bed. Notebook directly in front of her, she makes notes and highlights, occasionally reading something in a whisper we can barely hear.

On days when her head is pounding and she needs to escape from the pain (and the world around her), she angles the purple shade away from her face and reaches for a stack sitting on the desk beside the bed.

Cuddling under the covers, she reads until we see the sliver of light sneaking again between the curtains, and then falls into a deep sleep.

We keep watch over her room during the day, and keep her company late into the night.  She loves us, and we love her. We know all her moods and secrets. We want nothing more than to be held gently as we share our stories and knowledge and advice. We are her books, and the best friends she has ever had.

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The dictionary defines personification as “the attribution of a personal nature or human characteristics to something nonhuman, or the representation of an abstract quality in human form.”

Tell a piece of your story from the point of view of an object who bore witness.


  1. Love this!! I get so much comfort from my books, too. Great post.

  2. Books have always been a great solace for me.

  3. Books are moody, but conforting things aren't they? I've had a few that I considered greater than people.

    excellent idea and delivery

  4. Lovely. I have a stack of books next to my bed, too. You write good, btw ;)

  5. This is wonderful. I love the weight of books in a room and also think of them as my friends. Love it.

  6. Great views of the books interpreting the day their owner has had. Some of my textbooks might claim they were neglected though while others might claim abuse from all the hauling around and use :) Good job!

  7. Wow. You are a very good writer.
    My words could never compare with your words.
    Man alive.
    I need to start writing.
    You are a real writer :)
    Love u TRacie!

  8. This is beautiful. I'd like to think the shelves of my library are thinking such thoughts right now!

    It's so well written. My favorite part is the bit in the beginning, about how during the day, even when the room is dark, the books are whispering to each other. What a wonderful image!

  9. This is so beautifully written. I am such a reader as well, and I love that you have written about all of the different books that you turn to in different moods.

  10. Beautifully written. I am reading now more than ever!

  11. Books are among the best friends I have ever had.

  12. Ohh.I think this is my favorite this week. I love how you kept me hanging on and guessing until the very end. That's some smooth writing!

  13. The title is so fitting, and the differentiation between days, the patterns -- lovely.

  14. (I'm having trouble commenting so I hope this doesn't post twice). The title is so fitting and I love the rhythms and moods picked up and described this way. Beautiful work

  15. This is wonderful. My books have always been there for me as well. Right now they are awaiting new shelves and a reorganization. It will take me days as I reacquaint myself with each and every one.

  16. This is really nice writing. Maybe one day you'll want to contribute over at We would love to have your talent!

  17. I really like this post. I'm a book nut. Love to feel them, turn their pages, hold them.