From Tracie: Good Things

Friday, March 23, 2012

Good Things

As I focus on hope this year, I find that it helps me to stop and think about the good things: the stuff I'm thankful for, the moments of blessing, the light things in the midst of darkness.

Good things I'm thinking about today:
- Lazy mornings, with blueberry crumble bread and cream cheese breakfasts.

- Honeybees.

- Pads of blank paper, and new a package of pens.

- I have been working on the auction for Band Back Together, and Katarina wanted to help. She made a poster, using the rainbowiest of crayons and the puffiest of letters.
band back together auction poster
"Band Back Together the Auction
Starts on the 26th of March"
- Rainy afternoons.

- Spending time with a friend.

-  A blog post from Girl's Gone Child that rocked my face off this week.
"Because contrary to years of personal belief, feminism isn't about man-hate but woman-love. It isn't about demanding a front row seat but a fair and just place in line. Because when we stand up to those who push us down, we stand up for so much more than ourselves."

- Long, chatty emails that talk about everything and nothing.

- Movie nights.

- Hot tea with honey...and a smile.
orange mug with smiley face


- The word miscellaneous. 

- Flickering candles.

What good things are you thinking about today?


  1. Giraffes are awesome. I'm going to bed to ponder giraffes.

  2. Absolutely, simple things provide great happiness. I like a few rainy days.

    1. We were supposed to have a rainy day today, but so far it hasn't happened.

  3. thank you for this. #thisiswhyiloveyou. also, giraffes rule!

  4. Your daughter is amazeballs! And giraffes are awesomesauce, especially tiny ones:)

    1. Gotta love the tiny giraffes!

      When Katarina was really little, we went to the zoo, and she got to feed giraffes (they are so sweet and SOFT!) and I have the best picture of her dad holding her as the giraffe eats out of their hands.

  5. I love your list. Flickering candles are amazing -- they can transform an ordinary room into something mysterious, peaceful, spooky -- whatever you want it to be.

  6. I'm rejoicing in the complete freedom to just relax and be me! Don't have to go anywhere or do anything. It's awesome!

    1. SO awesome! I'm super excited for this new chapter in your life, and so proud of you for taking that scary step and quitting the job.