From Tracie: Are You Looking For Me?

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Are You Looking For Me?

You can find me in two exciting places today!

One of my posts was featured on BlogHer! I am very excited, because it is my first time over there (so if you  stop by and leave me a comment, I will probably love you forever).

Featured on
It is a post that highlights something near to my heart, child abuse prevention month, and I appreciate that BlogHer is promoting how important it is to continue having a dialog about the far-reaching effects of child abuse.

Band Back Together
When I am not here, you may know that I spend time at a little site called Band Back Together. Perhaps you have heard of it? It is a group blog that provides educational resources as well as a safe, moderated place to share stories of survival. We are all about breaking down stigmas.

Every couple of weeks one of the volunteers who works behind the scenes is highlighted, and today it is me. So you will get to find out important things like: why am I so awesome, what are my feelings about cupcakes and doughnuts, my views on toilet paper (I'll give you a hint - OVER!), and more importantly a little bit of the work I do.

That is all of my exciting news for the day. 
What is happening in your life? 
Leave me a link to something great you have written this week, so I can come check it out!