From Tracie: Are You Missing House?

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Are You Missing House?

House has been gone for less than a week, and you are already missing him? I understand completely, because I am missing him, too. The good news is that I have the answer for your sadness - House M.D. Critical Cases, a new game on Facebook.
House MD Critical Cases

It was a simpler time at Princeton Plainsboro Teaching Hospital when House, Foreman, Chase, Taub, and Thirteen solved all the medical mysteries. This is the setting for Critical Cases, with the addition of one new doctor - you. Or in my case, the new doctor was me - Dr. From Tracie. (that has a nice ring to it, don't you think?)
Doctors Brainstorming

The object of the game is to solve and treat the critical cases, while also taking care of clinic patients and keeping a well-stocked pharmacy. You know how House is a fan of a well-stocked pharmacy.

The critical cases follow a story line, like a short version of an episode of House.
Critical Cases File

You move through the hospital and click on patients to find out their symptoms. Then you choose if they need to be sent to a lab room to be tested, pick up medicine, or be admitted for long-term care.
View of Hospital

Treating and testing the patients is done through playing a variety of mini-games, like this one where you have to click on the correct cells to analyze the patient's blood. It looks easy in this picture, but when you play the game those little cells move fast.
Analyze Blood

After working your way through the testing or care that a clinic patient needs, you are rewarded with money, points, and favor that you need for treating the critical case patient.
Patient Cured

In true House fashion, you also break into the critical case patient's home and workplace to do further research into what is making them ill by searching for items. It seems that all the patients are very messy.
Searching Patient's Workplace

It is a fun game. Being a social-based facebook game, you will move through levels faster if you have friends playing with you and helping your patients, but it doesn't require you to obnoxiously beg for things all day long in order to advance.
Critical Case Solved

Check out House M.D. Critical Cases on faceook, and you can hang out with House on your computer, just like me.
Tracie Hanging Out With Dr House

But be prepared, House is just as sarcastic and biting in the game as he was on the tv show. Of course, that really is why we all love him, so I think of it as a good thing.
House Talking Rudely

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  1. House MD is one of my favorites TV series, and sad to say that it has come to an end... And, with video game like SIMS, sound lots of fun. :)