From Tracie: Things You Missed While I Was Away

Friday, May 18, 2012

Things You Missed While I Was Away

Sometimes life gets in the way of writing.

That isn't necessarily a bad thing.

Here are a few things you did and did not miss while I was gone:
  • I did have a dream that I was in a cooking competition show. Which is ridiculous on so many levels. What I most appreciated about it was that I kept trying to turn it into a writing competition. While everyone else was making pasta with different strange sauces, I was eating bread and writing a story using all of the competitors foods and restaurants.
  • I did not read that article in Time Magazine that went with the picture (THE picture). In fact, I hid away from it, and tried to focus on butterflies and unicorns. (I am also reserving the right to blame that article and the resulting rush of blog posts that use the term "mommy wars" as 64% of the reason I didn't blog last week.)
  • I did read this blog post from Chris de Serres about breastfeeding in public that was brilliant and made me think about breastfeeding in a different way.
  • I did not eat broccoli. Because - gross.
  • I did see The Avengers. So good. SO good!
  • I did not remind y'all that the Blog Carnival Against Child Abuse is happening this month at Survivors Justice - please get your submissions in now!
  • I did take this picture of Thomas and Katarina while standing outside late one night waiting for a bus.
Thomas and Katarina in geek shirts
  • I did not realize he was wearing a Star Wars shirt and she was wearing a Batman shirt until I looked at the picture this morning. But I kind of love that.
  • I did add more yellow to the blog. Why wasn't there more yellow on the blog previously? I have no idea. Clearly someone was slacking. 
  • I did not get reacquainted with Grey's Anatomy late one night by watching multiple episodes on Hulu while I should have been sleeping. (that is a lie) (I totally did that)
  • I did write this on my facebook page yesterday, "Having a blog means you are actually supposed to write on it? Who would have thought. #writersblock" (this prompted an update at One Cluttered Brain's blog, which always makes me happy.)
  • I did not buy shares in Facebook.
  • I did buy Twizzlers. I'm a big spender. 

What did you do while I was (mostly) offline? 

(Hey! It is Friday, so I'm going to link this up with Mrs. 4444's Friday Fragments. Because she is awesome. And I can. And that is all I have to say about that.)


  1. You make me laugh, and oh, could you give me some Twizlers?

  2. I love you... and I love your blog... and I love those shirts... and I love summer... and I love dreaming that we'll get to do a joint family vacation at some point in our lives. I will always dream of that! LOL! WOOHOO!

  3. Thomas looks like a cross between Robert Mitchum and some other handsome actor, just can't decide which one.

  4. I love Twizzlers too. It is hard to eat just one at a time.

  5. You can eat the twizzlers and I think some people might lose on the FB shares.
    I think the Time cover was stupid. I subscribe so I did read the article. They is always going to fringe beliefs to most anything people do. This shows fringe/extreme group IMHO.
    Yellow - is that the new blog color? It's a good song.

  6. I love the new header although I was kind of in love with the shoes as well. I chose to not write anything about THE PICTURE I figured enough of them were doing it already. I think it should be to each his own period. And we all support one another where ever we happen to be on our parenting scales.. I think THAT is the answer..period.

  7. The world needs all kinds of superheros...:-)

  8. I Had so much to write until I read Twizzlers. I want one NOW. It is 2 in the morning..cookies will have to do.
    The photo is just adorable.
    I am trying so hard to focus on my writing. I have some looming deadlines..
    Have a wonderful weekend!!

  9. Love the new look in the banner...yep life gets in the way. You are doing far better then me at the blogging so you are ahead in my book. I'm just taking it easy. Hugs

  10. I just saw the Avengers last weekend. It was fantastic! I loved it. My particular favorite is Thor. ;-)

  11. Hi Tracie,

    I've been celebrating my birthday week while you were away, it's officially tomorrow.

    I started wondering about the blog carnival for this month, thanks for letting me know. I stopped in there, but I didn't see a deadline date for submissions. I would like to put up a post on my blog about this month's carnival with the deadline date. Could you let me know? Thanks.


    1. Hey Kate! The deadline is this Wednesday, the 23rd.

      Happy Birthday!

  12. You are just a darlin. And I swear I refused to read the article, too, and won't indulge in any discussion of Mommy Wars. Enough, stop the madness. The yellow looks swell :)

  13. Loving the new yellow look ... though I miss the sneakers! LOL! I've been suffering a bit of writer's block too. Maybe something in the air! Love you!

  14. Did not read article, either. Love what you did with the place, by the way ;)

  15. Did you turn off comments on your most recent post? The Pinterest video was scary and funny.