From Tracie: Driving In

Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Driving In

Growing up on a steady stream of old movies and televisions shows, it probably isn't surprising that I had a love for the drive-in theater. Even though we didn't have one in our town, I knew that it must be the superior way to watch a movie.

I wouldln't make it to my first drive-in until I was eighteen. I visited my mom in Arizona for Christmas, and learned that there was a drive-in theater still in operation not far from her. I was so excited, and I had to go. I invited all the family to come. They were neither impressed by the existance of the drive-in, nor excited to spend an evening there. But my mom, who is always up for an adventure, agreed.

me and my mom
(my mom is also awesome, and loves me, 
and will forgive me for posting this picture of us in Sedona....right, mom?)

Our movie started at 10pm, and it was cold. If you haven't been to the desert, let me tell you, it gets colder at night than you think. We loaded a couple of pillows, several blankets, and a bag of junk food and popcorn into the car. Leaving the rest of the rest of my family staring after us as we drove away, perplexed by our spontaneity and desire to sit in a car to watch a movie, we set off for the drive-in.

We laughed our way through a double feature (and most of the junk food). It was a great night with my mom. One of those simple, fun memories that I wouldn't trade for anything.


Today is the 79th anniversary of the first drive-in theater, and Google's animated doodle made me very happy. I heart drive-in theaters.

Have you been to a drive-in theater? Was it awesome?


  1. Come visit me and I'll treat you to a show at the one that's less than a mile from our house. :)

    I think I'm missing part of your story. (Probably more than 1) Why were you not living with mom at 18? Is she still in Arizona? Do you go through Oklahoma between FL & AZ?

  2. Yet another reason for a trip to the PNW. We have one! I bet Tia and Shevaun would be down to catch a show. Let's doo eet:)

  3. OK see I have 2 of them within 20 miles of me. they are still operational and my kids love going. We make pizzas and popcorn pack a cooler and go. You and cluttered get up here and we will have a ball.

  4. I think the first movie I remember seeing as a child was "the Snow Queen" the drive in was close to where my dad took the family camping each summer in Stokes Forest.

  5. I went to the Drive-In as a child and it was beyond awesome. So much fun.

  6. We used to go to the drive in theater in high school. We'd tailgate and there was no movie watching going on. Hee Hee Stopping by from SITS. I'm a fellow FL homeschooler. :)

  7. Love the drive in. My dad took us when we were kids. We went to see roger rabbits. Husband took the kids not long ago to see the Avengers. I am hoping our local one pulls out Madagascar 3 soon! Such a fun time!

  8. Totally awesome. That was how I saw movies as a kid growin gup in a tiny town. Now it is a rare treat to find a drive-in theater.