From Tracie: Bring On The Happy

Monday, July 09, 2012

Bring On The Happy

Things that are making me happy today:
  • Blueberry Bagels.
  • Puppies.
  • Working on projects with people who are awesome.                 (see also: everyone at Band Back Together)
  • Squishy pillows, perfect for napping.
  • Comfy t-shirts. 
  • My super awesome kid who is currently dusting without being told to do it.
  • Strawberry Jam.
  • A cool breeze.
  • This picture
moon and palm trees
It feels a little like a vacation - even though it is really just the view from my door last weekend.

Dose of Happy

What is making you happy today?


  1. I heart you more than strawberry milk! Thank you for the S/O and all you do to help me :) I owe ya!

  2. I adore your happy list. And that view from your door! Oh my goodness! So jealous!

  3. ~ swoon ~ A cool breeze. Haven't had one of those around here in quite some time. Oh, and there is nothing better than strawberry jam on a peanut butter & jelly sandwich.

  4. puppies are almost as awesome as the band!

  5. Organic oatmeal.
    Iced tea.
    Fuzzy socks (even in summer)
    Seeing my son blossom from teenager to beautiful young man inside and out.

  6. Good list. Especially the pillow for napping one.

  7. Love this list. Just gonna add:
    -laying in be with my pajamas on all day
    -fresh baked bread

    Yum :)

  8. Love this list! It's nice to just pause and think about all the good things that happen each day.