From Tracie: Seven Minutes of Gold

Sunday, August 05, 2012

Seven Minutes of Gold

I didn't go to BlogHer this weekend. I mostly stayed away from social media as well - we all know it isn't very much fun to sit at home on twitter and see all the BlogHer tweets when you aren't there. But now Sunday night has arrived, the post-BlogHer blog posts are starting to roll in, and I can't stay away.

The one thing I'm noticing the most chatter about is the presentation made by President Obama, and the presentation that was not made by Mitt Romney.

Both candidates were given the opportunity to speak at the conference.

When I think of President Obama's seven minute address to the 4,000 women at BlogHer this year, I feel like he is indicating his appreciation for the power of social media. It is as if he is saying, "Your voice is important, you are important, and your time is important."

When I think of Mitt Romney declining the offer to speak to the 4,000 women at BlogHer, it is as if he is saying, "Your voice is not important, you are not important, and your time is not important."

Not taking the opportunity to directly address the attendees of BlogHer - a powerful community of women with a variety of political affiliations, who reach hundreds of thousands of readers across the world each day with their words, in a personal way - seems foolish to me.

The decision to speak or not speak at BlogHer does not tell the entire story of how each candidate feels about women. But Romney's decision seems to fit into a trend of how he approaches women and how he approaches social media.

What do you think?

I want to know what Romney was doing all weekend long, that was so important, that he didn't have the time to make a free seven minute video appearance.

Here are some seven minute tasks:
1. Fill your car up with gas (if you can afford it).
2. Read a chapter of a book
3. Make lunch for your kid.
4. Check the mail (but not the email - because that takes all day, and never ends)
5. Read and comment on a blog post.
6. Water your plants.
7. Make a presentation to 4,000 powerful bloggers!


  1. Since you asked... :) I don't think it's that black-or-white. Maybe he simply had other plans. I agree with your conclusion about why President Obama appeared; he's obviously smart enough to know that blogger's have powerful voices (or at least his "people" do.) As far as Romney's absence goes, I wouldn't take it personally as a blogger. Maybe he'll read your post and reply!haha So, did you catch where BlogHer is next year?

    1. A reply would be very nice.

      I heard the next BlogHer is going to be in Chicago at the end of July.

  2. I REALLY want another (much better) choice in the next election! Sigh ...

    Want to be my room mate at BlogHer 2013? It's in Chicago. :)

    1. I do, too!

      If we can make it work, I would love to be your roomie ;)

  3. I stayed off social media over the weekend too!!

    I like that your President realized the importance of women bloggers - we rock, right?

  4. Totally hear ya--I was bummed about not being there either. We'll have to make a pact that we will attend together someday mmmk? :D

    As for this--well, I have not so favorable opinions of the current president that I keep to myself usually so I will start off by saying that my views are more than a little slanted.

    However I will admit that our current president is extremely smart and in touch with how our generation is wired--his social media campaigns, reaching out to bloggers like this, appearing on SNL and laughing at himself the last campaign--He's a smart cookie and a good sport and I can at least tip my hat to him in that area, even if that's about the only area where I could really tip it, hahaha :) Other politicians would be wise to follow his lead there!

  5. It killed me to miss it this year - I live by NYC, but I just couldn't swing it this year. Oh well. Hopefully next year.

    And I think Romney made a HUGE mistake not appearing, but then again, his party isn't exactly pro-women these days. . .