From Tracie: Kickstart Ingenious

Sunday, October 07, 2012

Kickstart Ingenious

My friend Lee likes Jeremy Renner. That isn't a strong enough word. Lee loves Jeremy Renner. She loves him. He is Hawkeye, and really what more explanation do you need? Exactly.

So now that we have established that, you won't be surprised that she found this Kickstarter from Arriba Films to get the Jeremy Renner movie Ingenious into theaters.

Ingenious Kicksterter Video Link

I like Kickstarter. It gives people a chance to solicit donations for creative projects. The catch is that they have to meet their pledge goal by the specific date, or they don't get any of the money. It is an all or nothing kind of proposal.

People who invest or back a project on Kickstarter usually get something cool based on the level they invest. For backing Ingenious you could get a digital download of the movie and a featurette for donating $10, a DVD for donating $30. The different levels go all the way up to $400 or more, where you would get a DVD, a signed poster, signed screenplay, your name in the credits, and attend a screening in NYC or LA.

I haven't seen Ingenious, but I will tell you what interests me about it (besides Jeremy Renner, because that one is obvious). It is based on a true story. It is a serious comedy. It has a great cast - I know I already said Jeremy Renner, but now I'm expanding it, because the rest of the cast is great too. It is an independent film, and has already won awards at several film festivals. And it was filmed in Tuscon, AZ, which makes me happy.

If you are interested in backing Ingenious, or just finding out more about the film, you can visit the Kickstarter page here.