From Tracie: Nobody Can Do It All

Saturday, December 08, 2012

Nobody Can Do It All

On Saturdays, I like to share one great thing I read during the week.
Today, this is that thing:

We are human beings not human doings

Are you exhausting yourself by moving from one thing to the next? Never feeling fully content with the things you are doing, because there are just so.many.things on your list, and not enough time to devote to each one?

I loved the ideas in Centered Through Creativity from Erica at Style of a Songbird. This post made me evaluate the time I have set aside for creating, journalling, and writing, and think about some ways I could be more organized. It was a good reminder that some things do not have to be an everyday focus.

"I invite you to carve out some *you* time, whatever that looks like, 
(for me, creating) and honor the priorities you've set for yourself. 
You are free from trying to fit it all in.

She also linked to a workbook and planner that look really interesting. Perfect timing as we are about to start a new year, and I'm thinking and praying about what my focus word is going to be for 2013.

What is stealing your focus from the things you want to do?


  1. At this time of this year this is very important. We must refocus and spend time on the things that matter most to us. Thanks a lot for sharing, and coming by Teshuva Tracie, I hope you have a super blessed weekend!

  2. What a great post and though provoking too. You time is something that I really need to incorporate more in my lifestyle, reading this post has helped me re-evaluate my you time.

  3. Sometimes I find myself running around the house in circles from one task to the next without fully finishing anything. That's when I have to stop, breathe and refocus. I feel one of those moments is necessary right about now. Thanks for the reminder.