From Tracie: Thoughts, Questions, And Monday Mornings

Monday, February 18, 2013

Thoughts, Questions, And Monday Mornings

I love how social media provides me with wonderful simultaneous conversations and thoughts that would not normally occur together.

What literary characters would you like to meet? Tia wants to meet Claire.
I would like to meet Claire, too - especially if we got to take a trip to Scotland to do it, and doing a little time travel wouldn't hurt either.

Cow cookies.
Specifically chocolate cow cookies.

Should I make my kid diagram sentences? I'm voting yes.
I also read about the history of sentence diagramming. You wish your life could be as exciting as mine.

A blanket covered in presidents.
This was fitting for President's Day.

When all else fails, eat.
This advice needs to be embroidered on a wall hanging, or etched onto a plaque, or at least taped to the outside of a package of Oreos.

Why I don't believe in role models.
This will probably be a blog post all its own in the future.

Can a parfait count as breakfast food? I'm voting yes on this one, too.
Mostly because we had parfaits for breakfast this morning. And also because I love them.

What happened to James Potter's parents?
Sirius mentions staying with them when he was not getting on well with his own parents, but they obviously weren't around by the time Harry was born, and Harry's parents were killed.

Theo Fleury and the Victor Walk.
Big props to Tom at Cobbie's World for introducing me to his story.

Are incoming links good, bad, or neither? Good.
Especially if the site linking to you has a higher page rank than yours.

How many horses were in the last book you read?
Really. How many? And did they all have specific names?

Kilt conversations and kilt pictures. And this wasn't even related to the conversation mentioned earlier about visiting Scotland.

And, finally, this picture:
Tracie floating by a rock underwater
Because one of my friends mentioned on facebook how great it would be to take the picture of me jumping on the trampoline, and photoshop me into other places. Katarina saw the suggestion. It is now her favorite thing.

What random things have you read, talked about, or wondered today?


  1. I love that picture! Cracking me up!!!

  2. I love all of this... I thrive on randomness and the weird! I can't wait to see where you end up next in Trampoline World. LOL!

    1. I thrive on those things too. There will probably be more Trampoline World pictures to come!

  3. Taped to a package of Oreos. You slay me:)

  4. Can I go with you to meet Claire?

    I too believe in diagramming sentences.

    I really want a parfait now.

    1. You are most definitely invited on any Claire-meeting trip that happens.

      You know what makes me incredibly happy? After school was over, Katarina diagrammed sentences out of the book she was reading just for fun.

  5. that picture is completely full of the #win!

  6. You've got to love the random nature of social media!!

    I have loved Claire (and JAMIE!!) for years. L.O.V.E!!!!

    I can't believe it, but I just finished a book last night that has 4 horses in it. WEIRD but awesome question. I never would have thought about the horses otherwise!

    My 7th grader HATED that I made him learn to diagram sentences when he was in 5th grade even though they weren't learning it in school. Oh, he has an A+ in English right now and he actually THANKED ME because it's so easy because he already knows all about sentence structure, etc. MOM WIN!

    1. I love that you know who Claire and Jamie are. I'm new to their story - about halfway through the second book.

      I will now forever think of that nameless book as "The Book Of The Four Horses"

      My daughter is actually loving diagramming sentences - of course we are only two days in on it, so that might not last forever (but I'm going to hold out hope that it will). I love that your son can see how much of a difference it made for him. That is definitely a mom win!

  7. This is great! I love the pic!

  8. Can't wait to see what other places Katarina will have you travel to.

    1. I have heard rumors of space and Hobbiton being mentioned. It is exciting!

  9. So fun! Especially the picture. I can imagine many scenarios in which to PhotoShop you into :)

    1. Thanks! I love that picture. It makes me giggle.

  10. Loving the photoshopped pic, hahaha! Also your Social Media conversations are MUCH more interesting than mine are....I will have to start taking notes ;)