From Tracie: The Motherhood Learning Curve

Friday, March 22, 2013

The Motherhood Learning Curve

The day we brought my daughter, Katarina, home from the hospital, I had my first few minutes completely alone with her. She was beautiful....

Ten minutes later, and one unhappy baby with a shirt stuck on her head and one arm, I had to call my husband into the room to teach me how to change her clothes without using a pair of scissors to cut the shirt off of her.

The Mommy Mess

I'm honored to be the featured blogger at The Mommy Mess today. Click over there to find out what it is like to live on the motherhood learning curve (especially as the teen years are rushing closer). And be sure to tell me if you ever reached for the scissors to get clothes off of a baby - I can't be the only one, right? Right?

If you haven't met Adrienne of The Mommy Mess, you are are missing out. Adrienne has great blogging advice, she will tell you the 10 things nobody else tells you about motherhood, and she shares her homeschooling days with an honesty that is refreshing, even when the lessons take a little extra time. She is a wonderful woman, talented writer, and a great blogging friend. You will love her.


  1. Thank you! You so sweet!! Glad to have you over today!

  2. That was beautiful! I loved it. So accurate about the learning curve.

  3. That was me when I had my daughter. I felt more prepared to be pregnant than to bring a baby home! Somehow, we all seem to manage though!

  4. Hi Tracie I popped on over from the Mommymess where I left a comment and now I am here to say Hi........

  5. that was adorable! thank you.
    also, many thanks for leaving such a wonderful comment.

    nice to meet you and have a great weekend~

  6. Beautiful, Tracie! I can just see Baby Katarina giving you the hairy eyeball while you struggled with the cute outfit. Casey did the same thing to me! Now they just give us the hairy eyeball for different reasons, right? :)