From Tracie: You Can See My Week #iPPP

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

You Can See My Week #iPPP

I am new to this whole cell phone camera thing - having been jolted into the current century only this month when Thomas got a new phone. This is the second week I have been on this thing y'all call Instagram (come find me on Instagram, please, so I won't be lonely), and I am loving it.

We have Hibiscus all around our home. I have read that you can dry it for eating, or make it into a tea, but I have never tried either of those things.

Thomas tried to fix my headphones. He was (mostly) successful.
I am in love with his new reading glasses.
Thomas And His Reading Glasses

Katarina loves to draw. This sketch is all about the eyes.
Katarina's Sketch

Some days need bright yellow sunglasses.
Tracie Wearing Bright Yellow Shades

I look up at the sky every day to see if it is going to rain.
This is the palm tree that keeps watch with me.
Palm Tree And Puffy Clouds

Father's Day. Breakfast in bed. Handmade card. Heart melting. Love.
Father's Day Breakfast

What did you see last week? Did you take pictures?

GFunkified #iPPP


  1. Welcome to instagram, I am obsessed with it! LOL! Your week looked like fun and for the record...I love those yellow glasses girl.

  2. I have missed having the opportunity to rest and read your blog. I enjoy the picture posts as well! =D

  3. Those yellow shades are where it's at.

    My flip phone's memory was eaten up when the 8-year-old went nuts taking pictures at a parade. My phone's dip in a cup of yogurt made all that a moot point.

    Someday, I'll join you in the land of photo-taking-for-a-blog.

  4. AWWW, that last picture is SO SWEET!! :) Love it!-The Dose Girls

  5. I'm hopelessly addicted to IG!! LOVE the yellow sunnies, and the sweet daddy picture!

  6. Instagram is fun! I'm DonutsMama on there. The hibiscus is beautiful.

  7. I'm still not on Instagram, because I have a BlackBerry phone... But I take lots of pictures with it!
    Love the first picture, hibiscus is one of my favourites.

  8. All days need yellow glasses...duh :)
    Welcome to the dark side...muwhahhaa.

  9. yeah, i love IG. it's fun isn't it? facebook and ig, such time sucks but oh so fun! last pic is so cute.

  10. I love having you in the Instagram world! I'm an Instagramaholic ;)

  11. I know exactly what you mean - when I got my new phone 6 months ago, it was like a whole world opened up! I love Instagram, too. And that last photo is precious!

  12. I heart Instagram so hard! Followed you! (I'm jenannhall)

  13. I love love love IG - and I'm following you now. I'm bocafrau. Also, love the yellow sunglasses... :)

  14. My Sydney-May likes to wear pink sunnies but she is only 3 & half, I also like to take photos but get annoyed with myself when I realise I have left my camera at home...............

  15. I am still living in the dark ages. I don't even know what Instagram is. That is so embarrassing. Please don't tell anyone. LOL.

  16. Welcome to Instagram. It's so fun! And I have hibiscus here too. They are SO pretty!

  17. Uh oh - I see you are well on your way to Instagram addiction! You will be right at home. My daughter just created an Instagram for me, and I wish I could remember my address. I am going to have to do a week in review. This was fun - I enjoyed your week. Some days do require sunglasses and yellow is the perfect color!

    Elizabeth T, Early Riser