From Tracie: My Heart Was Forever Changed

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

My Heart Was Forever Changed

I have a friend named Amy. She encourages me to be creative, to write, to dream big, to get involved and make a difference. She sends me tweets with words like "assignment" in them - and I love every one. Amy told me about CausePub.

CausePub is a crowd-book-publishing company. They choose a non-profit (that is the "Cause" part), invite writers to submit their work, and edit and publish a book (that is the "Pub" or publishing part). They donate half the proceeds to the cause, and also pay the authors for their work.

The current project is Couch Rebels.
Couch Rebels Cover

The cause is Blood:Water Mission - an organization that empowers communities to work together against HIV/AIDS and the water crisis in Africa.
(Blood:Water Mission Overview Video Link)

Writers write. Readers read. People get clean water.

After an email, and a couple of encouraging reminder tweets from Amy, I submitted a story...

Tracie's Story: My Heart Was Forever Changed
One summer we had a choir director with a different plan. We were going to spend the majority of the tour in one city. During the day, we would run a Vacation Bible School for kids living in a large housing project. There would be performances and singing in the evenings, but our songs would be heard in dark homeless shelter dining rooms, not under the warm lights of a church stage.

*Comments are closed here, because I'm hoping you will visit CausePub to read the rest of my story. Comments and voting are open over there.