From Tracie: Fall Should Be Celebrated With Decorations

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Fall Should Be Celebrated With Decorations

*This post is sponsored, but all opinions and love of fall are my own.

Can we talk about seasonal and holiday decorating? Fall is my favorite season. Unfortunately I live in the south, so fall doesn't really happen down here. That means we have to work extra hard to remember it is a separate season. Everyone starts decorating for Christmas so early now; I fear we are losing fall.

Fall is real, y'all, and it wants to be celebrated, too.

I might be wearing shorts and flip flops, but when I walk through your neighborhood, I need to see fall decorations. They don't have to be elaborate. Some red and orange leaves. A few pumpkins. Scarecrows. Something to remind the world that it is fall, even if the temperature is still 85 degrees.

These are clearly southern scarecrows.
They are celebrating fall while wearing sleeveless shirts.

Decorating for fall is easy these days. When I was a kid, you had to buy real pumpkins, and actually carve them yourself if you wanted to decorate. That sounds messy and dangerous. Now you can buy pumpkins with cute faces already smiling at you, and they cost far less than real pumpkins, knives, and visits to the emergency room. You stick the cute pumpkins in your yard, and you have instant fall.

The pumpkin in the front looks like he is wearing a hat. Too cute.

Think how nice it will be to sit on your porch, wearing a cute scarf and hat and a kicky pair of boots, drinking something pumpkin spice flavored, while you look at your beautiful fall decorations. If pumpkin spice isn't your thing, you could open up those bags of Halloween candy early. Fall should be celebrated with yummy food as well as decorations.

The great team at is ready to help you with all your fall decorating needs, and when fall ends, they will help you with winter and Christmas decorating, too. They have a great collection of holiday decorations at affordable prices. But don't be so excited about winter that you skip celebrating fall. You don't want to make your front door sad by not letting it hold an owl sitting on a pumpkin.

Mr. Owl sitting on a pumpkin. He wants to be your best friend.
What do you do to celebrate fall?


  1. Obviously our minds were in the same place this morning :) Fall at my house means getting things ready for a cold winter. Here in the PACNW, it's rainy and windy and all the things Fall should be. I've busted out the fuzzy slippers and had apple cider with my eggs this morning.

  2. Fall decorations are not something one sees down under we are just not into decorating

  3. Time for halloween....not too much of that here in Singapore, though!

  4. Super cute! My girls are dying for us to get some fall decor! :)-Ashley

  5. on Labor Day I pulled all of my annuals and put up my outside fall decor. I LOVE decorating for fall and this year I found this giant pumpkin made out of plywood that sits in my big garden. Fall decor makes me happier than the holidays, I think :-)