From Tracie: I Can't Be Well-Rounded

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

I Can't Be Well-Rounded

Thomas: Let's watch Enemy At The Gates.

Katarina: Is that a war movie? I don't enjoy war movies.

Tracie: Well-rounded movie people watch a lot of different kinds of movies. One year your father and I watched our way through the entire Blockbuster collection section by section. I enjoyed some genres more than others, but some of my favorite movies were ones I did not expect to like.

Katarina: I can't be well-rounded. I am a star with a heart in the middle. I have five points. I will list them for you:
Point A - I like puppies.
Point B - I find war movies to be particularly uninteresting.
Point C - I eat things that contain sugar.
Point D - I love pink.
Point E - I read.

Star With A Heart In The Middle

How do you argue with that? (By watching the movie anyway!)
At least I can be happy she didn't threaten to create a pie chart.

What shape would you be in the Nall family movie conversation?


  1. I'm whatever Katie needs me to be because she is my favorite Nall family member and I always support her. <3 (But I like some war movies and pink is not my favorite color)

  2. I love her analogy - she seems to know what she likes! :)

  3. Ok, this is amazing. I agree with all five of her points myself. Can I be a star with a heart in the middle too?

  4. Bam. What a smartie. That is a quote that you need to frame. For realz

  5. That is freaking awesome. And I'm totally with Katarina - war movies are not for me!!!