From Tracie: 5 Things I Want You To Know About Frozen

Saturday, November 16, 2013

5 Things I Want You To Know About Frozen

This morning Katarina and I went to a pre-screening of the new Disney princess movie Frozen. After the movie, we met the princesses, Anna and Elsa. Elsa is actually a queen, but they both started out as princesses at the beginning of the story.

Frozen Princesses Anna and Elsa

Five Things I Want You To Know About Disney's Frozen:
1. It is way better than the previews lead you to believe.

2. Anna is awkwardly amazing, and she is quite possibly my second favorite Disney Princess (no one will ever replace Belle's top princess standing in my heart).

3. Kristoff is officially my favorite male character in a princess movie.

4. There were two great girl lessons in this movie. I don't want to give them away, but if you are looking for something other than the usual princess who is a damsel in distress waiting for her prince to save her story...this movie might just make you happy.

5. Magical, magical snow and ice. This was one of the rare movies that was worth seeing in 3D. The snow and ice effects are beautiful and amazing. The next time someone asks me what superpower I want (because, you know that happens all the time) I'm going to choose Elsa's snow and ice magic. This movie made my snow-loving heart very, very happy.

There are more things I want to tell you, and conversations I want to have about this movie, but I am working really hard to not give anything away.

Frozen will be in theaters on November 27th.
I'm going back to see it for a second time. Yes, it was that good.

*I was not required to write about Frozen, or to scare every Disney employee by jumping up and down and clapping in excitement while waiting in line to meet Anna and Elsa. That awkwardness was all me. I think Anna would approve.
**NaBloPoMo is better with snow.


  1. oh I'm so glad it was good! I can't wait until it comes out! I'm a big Disney geek and I am thrilled to see one that looks so interesting! Thanks for the review :)

  2. I want to see this!

  3. Yey!!! I'm so happy that this was good! I was *hoping* Disney would pull another awesome one out of their hat and am SO happy to hear it lived up to what it could :D Can't wait to take the kids to go see it!

  4. Oh wait, were you scaring people during the queue for Elsa and Anna or during the preview for Saving Mr. Banks because I remember this story differently?


  5. I'm sold! I love a great Disney movie!

  6. I can't wait!! My daughter is so excited. It's her first movie in a theater ever, so do you think she might be too young for the 3D in this one? She's only four! Either way, I did NOT know that Elsa was a queen. Please tell me she's nice, or at least nice in the end. She looks pretty mean in the previews!

  7. I honestly can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!... & you know Belle will always hold that rank for me too :)

  8. We are going to plan a day to see Frozen. The previews look say it is even better than the previews! Now I really want to see it!