From Tracie: Mixing Tapes and Reading Books

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Mixing Tapes and Reading Books

In my teenage years, I made mix tapes. Some of them were recorded off of the radio, but in true perfectionist fashion, many of the songs were copied from cds. I planned the timing perfectly to ensure no dead space would be left on either side of the tape.

I spent hours listening to those tapes on my walkman, usually while reading a book. There was no breaking into my space. Between the headphones on my ears and the book in front of my nose, you weren't getting in to talk to me.

Some of those tapes were listened to hundreds of times. When I hear one of the songs from my tapes, I can still remember which two songs it sat between, and what book I was reading when I listened to it.

Certain songs and books are forever linked in my mind. The opening strains of a song is enough to bring back all the feelings and memories of time spent in the pages. I've been listening to old music today, and it was like taking a trip through teen-Tracie's bookshelves. Quite enjoyable, really.

Are certain songs and books forever linked for you?

*NaBloPoMo is better with music, and everything is better with books.