From Tracie: Nelson Mandela Quotes

Thursday, December 05, 2013

Nelson Mandela Quotes

Nelson Mandela passed away today at 95 years old.
Here are some of his words:
 Nelson Mandela Quote - No one is born hating another person

Nelson Mandela Quote - It always seems impossible


  1. I am mourning with the rest of the world tonight over Mandela's death. I love these quotes. I hope we can call live a piece of his legacy.

  2. I am mourning too, and thankful he lived as long as he did. Of course it's not enough and nothing ever would be, but I'm thankful he had a long life after how many years he spent in prison.
    And may his legacy live on, and live on some more.

  3. Incredible man with such amazing wisdom. The world is certainly less without him in it.-Ashley

  4. What a beautiful way to make tribute. Thank you for sharing these with us, Tracie <3

  5. It took me awhile for the news to sink in, but I really was struck yesterday by his passing - and grateful for what he left behind. Much greater than Steve Jobs!

  6. Beautiful words, from a beautiful man. Thank you for sharing Tracie. While I am sad that he has left this world, I am glad at how many people are honoring him. He is still inspiring good things, even after his life.