From Tracie: Good Luck America, No More Charlie

Friday, February 14, 2014

Good Luck America, No More Charlie

Thomas: "Katarina, please be quiet for a minute. Mom and I are talking seriously."

Katarina: "But I just...."

Thomas: "We need three minutes to talk."

*Approximately twenty minutes later....*

Thomas: "Katarina, what is it? I'm trying to talk to your mom."

Katarina: "I just wanted to ask if I can put the television on Good Luck Charlie. It's hosted by Leigh-Allyn Baker tonight, and it is very special. (sobbing noise) Good Luck Charlie is ending on Sunday. You don't EVEN understand!"

Tracie: "Yes, that is true. It's sad."

Thomas: "I'm sorry. I know that is important to..."

Katarina, throwing her hands up, voice wavering "You don't understand. These are real tears. I'm legitimately crying over here."

I looked over to see her big, brown eyes peeking out from under the fluffy nose of her wolf hat.

Thomas, shocked and slightly afraid: "...y-y-yes, my love, please watch your Good Luck Charlie. I'm so sorry."

In that moment, I realized Thomas' future had just flashed before his eyes.

The truth is, we are all sad Good Luck Charlie is ending. It is definitely one of our favorite kid shows. Unlike most kid shows, the characters have had real development, and it has been fun to watch them grow (even though Amy Duncan became a blogger and reminded me of all the things bloggers shouldn't do). We've loved the Duncan family since the beginning, and we love them even more now.

I'm not even ashamed to say that I might shed a few tears during the last episode of the show.

We already miss you Duncan family. Good luck, Charlie.


  1. AW! I had no idea the show was ending!! It was by far one of my favorite kid shows!!!! I even liked watching it!!!! Bummer...

  2. It is often sad when a favourite show comes to an end especially children shows

  3. The kid who plays Charlie is one of the most beautiful little girls I have ever seen. I've always loved that show, and I confess to watching the finale all by myself!