From Tracie: Blog Against Child Abuse April 2014 Edition

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Blog Against Child Abuse April 2014 Edition

The Blog Carnival Against Child Abuse is a monthly event. Its purpose is to raise awareness about the serious issue of child abuse. All forms of abuse (physical, emotional, sexual, spiritual, and verbal) are discussed.

Welcome to the Blog Against Child Abuse - April 2014 Edition!

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Advocacy & Awareness:
David Pittman from Together We Heal submitted Getting Away With Murder
In this post, David shares what he is doing to help change the statute of limitation laws in his state and advocate for "window legislation," as well as what you can do to get involved in your own state.

Tracie from From Tracie submitted How Do You Tell Your Kid You Are A Survivor Of Child Sexual Abuse?
Last month I had a talk with my 10-year old daughter, and told her I am a survivor of childhood sexual abuse. How and when to tell your kids about your story of survival is definitely a personal experience, but I want to encourage any survivors out there who are thinking about doing this that is was no where near as scary as I thought it would be. In fact, her response was a huge moment of healing for me. 

Mary Graziano from Nippercat's Home submitted Trying To Connect The Pieces
She is learning to feel the love and positives that surround her, even in the midst of missing pieces and nightmares.

David Pittman from Together We Heal submitted Easter - A Conflict of Emotions
He shares pieces of his journey with religion after being abused by someone in ministry, and the thoughts and feelings Easter brought up for him this year. I especially enjoyed the quote from Leo C. Rosten and how David applied it to Easter and abuse survivors. 

Healing & Therapy:
- Southern Angel from Ramblings of a Southern Angel submitted Deep Cries Out To Deep
She wrote: The wounded child that remains in all of we who have been down that road sees the wounded child in others....Your story may be the door to open someone else’s story. We are all deep calling out to deep.

This post really spoke to my heart. This experience of knowing and being known is something I have felt many times.

- Kate from Kate Is Rising submitted National Reading Month
She wrote: I wrote this post in honor of National Reading Month, in February, and to honor myself in my childhood and life as a reader and a lover of books and libraries, all which brought me a sense of connection, commonality, and self-esteem while living a childhood of abuse. Other survivors may feel that same connection or another. I wrote this post to honor that and to honor all of our little selves that were abused who found ways in our lives to find joy, to live, to go on, and to heal.

-Kate from Kate Is Rising submitted I Still Have My Christmas Tree Up
She wrote: I wrote this post because I had been doing a lot of recovery work over several years, as a survivor of childhood sexual abuse who did not really have a childhood, in order to find my small self, my teenage self, and my adult self and to find out what I truly loved, what truly gave me joy, bliss, and happiness.

One thing that has kept repeating over and over was Christmas, Christmas decorations, and Christmas artificial trees. It is my hope and my wish that all of us, as survivors, to find and embrace our own joy, without explanation or apology, because we don't have to explain or apologize for the things that we love. I wrote this post while thinking of a quote two healing women writers gave me in 2000 by the poet Mary Oliver from her poem Wild Geese,
"You only have to let the soft animal of your body
love what it loves."

David Pittman from Together We Heal submitted Get Over It!
He said: Would you tell me to “get over it” if I had cancer or heart disease? Of course not because that would be ridiculous. Well, what we are going through is like a cancer of our minds and disease of our hearts. If we don’t address it in a healthy way it tears us apart from the inside out.

In The News:
- Tracie from From Tracie submitted Mia Farrow Might Have Been A Bad Mom But That Doesn't Make Dylan A Liar
This was my response to the news coverage surrounding Dylan Farrow's recent public statements about Woody Allen.

Survivor Stories:
Mary Graziano from Nippercat's Home submitted Memories Still Do Hurt
She is learning to care for her inner child, and helping her to see that she is safe and loved.

- Susan Komisar Hausman of Kisses From Dolce: No Secrets No Shame submitted My Moment With Charles Grodin
She wrote: Even amongst the ache and rancor of a survivor's journey, there can be humor...and joy. This memory always make me smile.

David Pittman from Together We Heal submitted The Abused Addict: One Man's Journey of Recovery From Sexual Abuse
He wrote: This is a radio interview that goes in depth about the correlation between addiction and abuse.

-Tracie from From Tracie submitted Growing Up In Fundamentalism - BJU, GRACE, And Sexual Abuse
A look at the ways the fundamentalist culture I was raised in played into the dynamics of my family and the enabling and covering up of sexual abuse.

- Susan Komisar Hausman of Kisses From Dolce: No Secrets No Shame submitted My Heart Sang
She wrote: This post from 2011 could certainly fit into several of the Carnival's categories; today I simply choose "Poetry" as I offer this up in honor of #SAAM. Despite the loss and regret portrayed, my road has burgeoned as I've moved forward and, I'm grateful to say, includes compassion, authenticity and much joy. I would love to hear from others about their own experiences. Thank you for allowing me to share.


The Blog Carnival Against Child Abuse provides an opportunity to raise awareness about the serious issue of child abuse and to share important posts with others who might not be frequent readers of an author's blog. There are so many wonderful bloggers who are contributing to the cause of ending and recovering from child abuse.

If you, as a reader or author, know of other blogs that you find helpful, please encourage them to submit to an upcoming issue of the Blog Carnival Against Child Abuse so we can continue to receive high quality submissions from a wide swath of bloggers.

Many thanks to all of you who shared your hearts and stories with us, and to all of you who read the submissions and show your support. You keep this carnival, the awareness, support, and healing going each month.

To provide another way for you to stay in contact with the blog carnival, and make sure you don't miss any updates; you can like the Blog Carnival Against Child Abuse Facebook Page.

Thank you for raising your voice and speaking out against child abuse!

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