From Tracie: Spreadsheets And Snooze Buttons

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Spreadsheets And Snooze Buttons

Come close. Hit the pause button on life for just a second. What good things are happening in your life right now? Let's take a second, and really allow ourselves to feel thankful for them.

yellow roses

Things that make you smile, like alliteration and small green leaves that curl around yellow roses. Things that bring joy to your heart. Or blessings that come unexpectedly.

Ten thankfuls from my life today:

1. The snooze button on my alarm.

2. Inspiring books. Especially when one is written by a friend.

3. Rainy days. We lost power for several hours yesterday after an extremely heavy rainstorm. That wasn't my favorite, but even so, it was beautiful. And the power came back on, bringing the internet with it, so I am thankful for that, too.

4. Internet quizzes. Yes, I love them. And I love it when a friend sends me links to particularly great ones on twitter.

5. Sitting up late at night, watching movies with Thomas (I have to admit that this is directly related to being thankful for that snooze button).

6. Every time I get tagged in a picture because it is yellow.

7. Spreadsheets. I'll out myself as a total geek here (as if you didn't already suspect that), but along with office supplies, I really love a great spreadsheet. And if it is a spreadsheet about books? I love it even more.

8. Magical raspberry jam, and people who make it.

9. PBS. To take that whole geek thing one more step...we are that family who sits at home on a weekend night (or any night, really) watching PBS, and loving every second of it.

10. Encouragers. I'm blessed to have several people in my life who are particularly gifted at this special power, and for each one of them, I am thankful today.

Bonus Thankful: I Believe, by Christina Perri.

What are you thankful for today? Tell me in a comment. Or write a post of your own, and link it up with Tamara and Roxanne at SITS for Back to Blogging, and then share it with Lizzi at Considerings this weekend.

Thankfulness is a powerful thing.


  1. I am thankful on this very, rainy day that the girls have off from school and we can have a lazy, but hopefully fun rainy day indoors together :)

  2. Those are fantastic things to be grateful for! When I created my list, it was amazing how many of the things were so little and yet they gave me the biggest smile!

  3. Great list! The one thing I would have never thought about would be spreadsheets. I worked with someone that LOVED them, but I could never get a handle on the formulas. :)

  4. This is, hands down, the best list I have read (including my own!) and thank you for the reminder :)

  5. I like those quick quizzes too. Almost everyone that shows up on my Facebook feed I just feel compelled to follow. I may not agree with the results, but I love them still.

    I also love spreadsheets, figures, and stats. When I retired I was the Budget Coordinator in a Dean of Education's office. I still find things to enter into a spreadsheet and then graph. Just can't stop being a bookkeeper. LOL

    It's always good to find others that have the same quirks, um interests, as you do.

  6. Because you're awesome and have me on the ball this week, you can find my list here:
    I'm thankful for you, my dear, and all your love!

  7. I wish we would get a rainy day! They are MY FAVORITE!! Great post. Found your blog from the Sits girls and glad I did!

  8. What a wonderful list!
    I love that you love spreadsheets. I certainly don't. And I love that you love being tagged in yellow photos!
    I haven't slept in in ages. The snooze button is magical.

  9. nice list. can't say I am a spreadsheet fan but if it works for you....

  10. heheh!! I love those internet quizzes too and PBS rocks!! And, geeks rule!

  11. My kids and a rainy day with nothing to do. Love your list!

  12. You know I have never hit the snooze button on my alarm clock, when the alarm goes off I get up

  13. This is a lovely list. I am not happy about being sick..but I am grateful for the day off..

  14. Raspberry jam--oh, yes! Raspberries are perfect.

  15. Oh, there is a definitely cause and effect relationship between Netflix and my snooze button!

  16. I get such a kick out of those internet quizes.....And also We ate raspberries today. Fresh and juicy and plump...

    Those people who are encouragers... they are truly wonderful to have around!

  17. It's all the little things, Tracie, especially number 10!

  18. Tracie, I am a big fan of internet quizzes. I see lots of links on Facebook. Most recently I should live in a mansion. Did you know that? PBS - I watch the English comedies on Saturday night. Love them. Yes, our friends with support are always something I am thankful for.

  19. I always wondered who watched those PBS shows... :) I am also grateful for PBS, but only because they have had some great kids' shows throughout the 16 years I've had kids.
    I do enjoy a good rainstorm as well. We haven't had anything but sun and perfect temps for a week now, but I am not complaining. No doubt we will get that rain soon enough.

  20. What makes the raspberry jam magical?

    I'm glad you had a lovely time watching movies and having a lie-in. Sorry about the thunderstorm but at least you made the best of it. NICE intro :D

  21. very good TToT List (and excellent photos!)

  22. Have to love these Florida storms, right? We have been getting a lot of rain lately and I've had to clean huge messes, hurricane like messes, out of my yard more times than I cared to.

    I love that song. I'm a Christina Perri fan. Your list is lovely. It really is.