From Tracie: Everybody Shut Up, Bob Ross Is On

Sunday, November 09, 2014

Everybody Shut Up, Bob Ross Is On

Over the weekend, CreateTV (one of my favorite public television channels), had a The Joy Of Painting marathon called Fall With Bob Ross. It was a beautiful thing.

When Bob Ross is on the tv, we stop and watch. There are no exceptions. We all love him. This weekend as my family gathered around to watch episode after episode, we noticed that there seems to be a pattern of things that we hear ourselves saying...every episode.

To celebrate the love of happy trees everywhere, here's a top ten list of the things we say in my house when we watch The Joy of Painting...
  • Everybody shut up! Bob Ross is on!
  • He's pulling out the knife!
  • Baby squirrel! BABY SQUIRREL! 
  • I just love it when he puts a rock in the river.
  • Yay! Yellow! 
  • I miss Mr. Rogers.
  • NoNoNO! Not a big tree!
(Okay here's the deal: the painting is almost finished, it looks beautiful, and then Bob Ross paints a big, black line through the middle of the canvas. We know it is going to be a tree, but Thomas freaks out anyway. I think Bob Ross does this on purpose.)
  • You know you love it. Just wait a minute!
  • I want to touch his hair.
  • This is my favorite Bob Ross painting ever!

We miss the inspiring creativity of Bob Ross.
No one will ever be able to make a tree or cloud as happy as he did.

*NaBloPoMo Day 9.


  1. I am so smiling as I totally used to watch Bob Ross back in the day and even tried to paint, because of this. Sadly, I am no Bob Ross or even a 10th of the artist he was. Let's just say I gave up painting or any thought of it a long time ago, because of this!

  2. I used to watch him all the time. He really is so soothing, isn't he? That voice. Ahhhh.

    And the hair. :) Loved the hair.

  3. My oldest son was watching Bob Ross over the weekend. I was immediately suspicious but then we were all sucked into it. You are right no one could make painting as happy or easy as he did. Amazing talent.

  4. Oh the memories! I haven't actually watched him paint since I was a child. I need to find out when he's on and see what my daughter, the budding artist, thinks of him!!

  5. And now I want to watch Bob Ross. And paint, which is ridiculous since I can't paint. I can't even draw a stick figure. Not my forte.
    I adore that y'all talk to/at the TV as well. You are definitely family <3