From Tracie: NaBloPoMo - Ten Things Of Thankful Style

Friday, November 07, 2014

NaBloPoMo - Ten Things Of Thankful Style

This Friday night blogging goodness has been brought to you by NaBloPoMo and Ten Things Of Thankful.

Here's ten things I'm thankful for this week:

1. Wide open spaces and mountaintops.

2. Just a little thing called my first television appearance! No big deal.

Also? A big deal.

3. Coffee shops.

4. This kid. She makes me smile every day. And she is pretty cool.

5. Getting to hear the sweet sound of my fake niece when I was talking to her mom on the phone. Fake niece? You know, when your best friend has a baby, and the baby is real, but you aren't really her aunt biologically speaking? That is a fake niece.

Mine is a little over a week old, and she is amazing.

6. Milkshakes of the pumpkin spice cheesecake variety.

7. The comments on this post about being an only child, raising an only child, and mom-guilt. And blog comments in general, really, but these particular comments are a blessing to my heart.

8. Trees. Tall, tall trees.
(Katarina took this picture and gave me permission to share it here.)

9. Family movie night. We watched The Croods, and laughed a lot.

10. NaBloPoMo. It is crazy, but so very fun.

What are you thankful for today?


  1. That is, indeed, a very tall tree and a pretty cool looking kid!

  2. I love the photo Katarina took. And the authority your offered in your interview. Your daughter is very cool - love the hat.

  3. We totally saw The Croods. It was actually the first movie we took the girls to see in the theatre last year. So, that one is still on my list over a year later :)

  4. TV is such a big deal! Beautiful pics. We love the Croods too, great family movie. Stopping by from#NaBloPoMo group.

  5. Fake niece, LOL! I haven't heard that one before! Love the tree picture!

  6. I've not heard of 'fake niece' either! I like the idea though. I have two like that - a fake niece and a fake neff. They're adorable.

    Hope you get to spend plenty of time with yours :)


  7. I never distinguish between actual neice and nephews to those of my best friends. Same diff.

    Also TV!!!!!!

    Coffee shops... Tell me you wrote in a coffee shop this week too. DOn't let me hog the cliche.

  8. Yeah they sound like 10 pretty good things indeed, although I am not big fan of coffee shops because you know I don't drink cofffee

  9. I have fake nieces!
    And being on TV is a BIG deal.

  10. Your interview was great, Tracie. Good for you! I love that picture of your daughter...those eyes of hers are gorgeous. She looks around the same age as my daughter so I know what you mean about the smile every day. What a blessing! That is a fantastic photo of the tree. I love it!

  11. Congrats on the TV appearance!

    I am a big fan of open spaces. I feel like I can breathe better in them.

    Great tree photo that Katarina took!

  12. Katarina is so beautiful! I finally watched the video this morning. Good job!! You made SUCH good points!

  13. very cool! on the TV!
    add my vote for the TToT photo of the Week!

  14. Television appearance ..... no big deal? I'd say its a big deal no matter how small it is :) #6 is making me drool!

  15. It looks like that tree goes on forever. Nice photo!

  16. I picked NaBloPoMo as my #10 thankful item, too. Forces me to get thinking and posting.

  17. Oooh I love your list!!!! & yes to fake nieces and nephews. They are the best!

  18. I love this post. Love it.

    I love your thankfuls and it makes me want to create a list of my own. To remind me of the good, ya know?

    And I have loads of "fake" nieces and nephews. Kinda sorta. ;)

  19. Your list is pretty fantastic! So we have a TV star in our midst. TToT just keeps getting better!

  20. Milkshakes of the pumpkin spice cheesecake variety sound amazing!

  21. Love this! I have pseudo nieces!