From Tracie: See My Smile - Stream of Consciousness

Sunday, November 23, 2014

See My Smile - Stream of Consciousness

I used to do these Stream of Consciousness posts when Fadra ran a link up, and then again when Jana took it over. I found out in my NaBloPoMo group (that is really Andrea's group, but I'm a member, and so very thankful for all the amazing people she has gathered together to encourage each other this month) that Jamie has revived the Stream of Consciousness writing.

It seems the right thing to do on a Sunday night. So I'm setting my timer for five minutes, and I'm going to try my best not to write longer or go back and edit. We shall see if I succeed...

Sometimes, when I write an email, a tweet, a facebook status update, or even a text, I type with a huge smile on my face. It could be because I am particularly happy about what I'm writing, or because it is funny, and that smile is just one step away from a giggle, but I think it is more than that.

It is like when you smile while you answer the phone.

Have you ever tried it?

The person on the other end can absolutely hear the smile in your voice.

Well, I think that is what happens when I type. I want to knit a smile into every letter. I'm hoping the person on the other end can feel that smile as they read. It probably isn't as easy as hearing a smile, seeing a smile in the typed words, but I like to think that sometimes it makes it through.

That is my hope right now.

Do you sense it? I'm smiling right at you!

*NaBloPoMo - Day 23


  1. I do often sense that you are smiling when you write - so I'm glad to hear that you actually are.

    And dude, the shoutout is awesome, but this is totally OUR group. I just created it - but everyone MAKES it. xo

    1. That? Makes me happy!! :-)

      As does OUR group. It has made this year's NaBloPoMo such a better experience for me. Even though I've been doing it while working full time (and some weeks more than full time), I've been strangely un-stressed about publishing something every day. I think a huge percentage of that is due to the group. xo

  2. Aww, definitely was smiling reading this, too ;)

  3. I like to use actual smileys, based on some past experiences when people have misinterpreted my text. :)

  4. I love this! I always feel like you're smiling at me, whether it's on FB, through your blog, or in one of our epically long emails. And I agree with what you told Andrea- I was oddly unstressed about posting this month, even with everything I have going on. The support of that community has been such a great thing!

  5. Can you hear me smiling back at you?
    What's really funny is that I do a lot of dictation through voice command on my phone. And I often speak in the tone I am feeling.

  6. Yes!! I agree!! You can sense a smile onany media.
    Can you sense I am smiking now? :)

  7. Yes. As soon as you gave me the image of answering the phone while smiling, I could sense it! :-)

  8. I should probably try smiling a little more often :)