From Tracie: The Last Thankfuls Of November

Sunday, November 30, 2014

The Last Thankfuls Of November

On this last day of November, I am thankful for many things.

Here are ten of them....

1. Sleeping in on a cold morning.

2. All of the yellowness this world brings my way.

Tracie Nall and all of the yellowness

3. Sunsets.

4. This kid.

5. The library.

6. Colored lights hanging in the sky.
colored lights

7. Friends who give me grace when I'm not super fast at returning phone calls, emails, and other messages on a busy week.

8. Coffee shops with free wifi.

9. Books that are worth staying up all night to read.

10. NaBloPoMo.
NaBloPoMo November 2014
I missed a couple of days near the end, but you know what? I don't even feel a bit bad about it. I took actual time off of work and away from the computer for three days, and focused on my family. That is a win in any month. If you take into account the posts I wrote elsewhere, I actually did publish 30 posts this month. And I really feel like I met my own personal NaBloPoMo challenge - to see if I could still find time to write while working, and to get back to my blogging roots of writing about small things as well as big things.

Ten Things of Thankful

Your turn! What are you thankful for today?


  1. I am telling you that you and my Emma would get along perfectly as she loves the color yellow (it is her favorite color). And I also took off for the last few days and actually planning on doing the same over Christmas week into New Year's as the girls are home for 2 weeks from school and want to enjoy every minute of this time of the year with them ;)

  2. GREAT list. I am thankful for books and your pictures of yellow things.

  3. This list makes me happy. From one yellow lover to another, thank YOU. :)

  4. Love this list. What did you read? I love books that keep me up wanting to read. I am thankful for the lessons learned from NaBloPoMo but I am very thankful it's over!

  5. Hi Tracie! Congratulations for post 30 Posts this month. WOW! I haven't taken that one on because I can imagine what a commitment it is! But I did my own little challenge where I did a TToT every single day for the month of November --I listed them on my blog FB page and while it was very good to do, I'm also grateful it is over with. Still, we can't have too much gratitude right? Loved your photos AND all the yellow! ~Kathy

  6. Hehehe you look about 15, Tracie! You could be Katerina's big sister :D That yellow picture of you still makes me smile.

    And well done on NaNoBloMo - that's a brilliant achievement :)

  7. I also took time off at the end of the month, and I agree- taking that time with your family is a major win. Especially if you've been swamped, like you have been. I love that photo of you, I want to download it onto my phone so it pops up whenever you call or text me. That'll make me smile!

  8. Great list! Your sweet daughter looks so much like you. So pretty! Spending time focusing on your family trumps just about anything I can think of so you totally win.

  9. Backyard lights made my list this week, too! (Mine aren't colored, though.)

  10. Love the pictures here! And...did I read that right? You are almost complete with the book writing challenge as well? Oh, I wanted to do that so bad and I'm so close to completing my book. Congrats my friend!

  11. I'm thankful for YOU! And that we did this challenge together. I think from everyone I learned different things and that we all grew a bit in our understanding of what we want from writing and blogging. :) And that makes me happy.

  12. Ah yes. When I lived in NY, my favorite feeling was waking up to see the snow fall & rolling over & falling back asleep1

  13. Beautiful youthful yellow pictures. Love your list.