From Tracie: Love Is In The Air - And In The Questions

Friday, February 06, 2015

Love Is In The Air - And In The Questions

To celebrate love, and the arrival of another weekend, my girl Tia, sister of my heart, is here to ask me ten questions about love for Ask Away Friday. One time my Thomas and her Scotty swapped questions, but Tia and I have never done it until now. She is a great questioner.

1. What is your perfect date night (money is no object)? A play, followed by a late dinner and dessert to talk about the play...and everything else. And then maybe a little driving around, ending up somewhere starry to do more talking. I'm way into the talking. And kissing - there would also be kissing under the stars, or with the sunrise. And, um, I guess breakfast would need to follow, because by the time sunrise came, I would be hungry again.

2. What is your favorite flower to receive? Anything yellow!

3. When you and Thomas were first dating, who said "I love you" first? He did, actually, it was before we were officially dating. I wrote about it once. It took place during a very long walk in the middle of the night. One of us wasn't wearing any shoes. Later, we had what will always be the scariest car ride of my life. It was an eventful night!

This was a taken a few months before we were married.

4. I know you're a lover of chocolate, just like me. What is your favorite form of chocolate (cake, candy bar, truffles, etc.)? And how do you feel about those little heart boxes of chocolates with unknown centers? I'm not a huge fan of the little heart boxes, actually. I like knowing what I have, so I can eat my box of candy strategically. But I do love any box of Godiva. And it is a bonus that they always come with a guide so you know what each piece of candy is. As for my favorite form of chocolate? That is hard to say. I like them all, really. But there is something special about a warm brownie, just out of the oven.

5. Now that my kiddo is a teenager, he doesn't like getting Valentine's cards from his mama. Do you and Thomas celebrate with Katarina? We don't do a lot for Valentine's Day. Thomas usually brings home some candy, because he knows the way to our hearts.

6. What is the greatest gift Thomas has ever given you (besides Katie!)? What is your favorite gift you've given him? We are really pragmatic when it comes to gifts. Which really just means that we don't do a lot of gifts. Thomas is really great at finding small, meaningful things and randomly bringing them home to me. One year, on Thomas' birthday, Katarina and I met him at the door when he came home from work and attacked him with cans of silly string. That was really fun because he had never seen silly string in real life before. It is one of my favorite Thomas memories.

7. Do you believe there is one special someone for everyone, or do you think we can fall in love many times? I think we can fall in like many times. And I think we can even love many people in different ways. But IN love? In real, special, serious, forever and ever, make it through the tough times kind of love with a side of romance? I think that is usually a one time thing.

8. What qualities of Thomas' do you hope Katarina finds within her own search of love? Humor. I hope she finds someone who makes her laugh every day.

9. You and Thomas have had 3 weddings. Can you share a special moment or memory from each one? Fun question!

  • Wedding #1: We were married at our pastor's house at midnight. I walked down the hallway while his wife hummed the wedding march, and I carried dried flowers from their wedding, because we hadn't thought about bringing any with us. It felt a little crazy, but when we stood together, holding hands, and said our vows, it was sacred and serious and beautiful. 
  • Wedding #2: It took place in Arizona with my family, and there was a crazy huge thunderstorm on the day of our wedding. That felt so perfect to me. But the most special memory was when we had a few minutes by ourselves before the pre-ceremony pictures, so he could see me walk down my aisle in the dress. The look on his face - I will never forget it. 
  • Wedding #3: This was the big church wedding with all of our friends. There were a lot of things about that day that were not so perfect, but I mostly remember a lot of love. It was so special to have people who had known me for years mix in a room with people who had known Thomas for years, and celebrate the two of us together. 

10. After over a decade of marriage, what is your greatest bit of advice for a long-lasting loving relationship? Friendship. Love is beautiful and amazing, and we always have love, but there are times when you need more than just love to make it through dark times. That is when friendship is invaluable. Thomas and I were friends before we ever thought of dating. We liked being around each other before all the romantic, lovey-dovey feelings entered the equation, and I think that has been a really strong foundation for us. Even if your relationship didn't start the way ours did, you can still build a friendship within the love you have.

Do you want more questiony fun? 
(This is totally different from questionable fun.


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  1. What a wonderful swap! Oh brownies fresh out of the oven...swoon! Maybe topped with powdered sugar...double swoon! LOL! Chocolates are amazing...I don't mind the variety kind, but I do certainly prefer at least a diagram. To me that sounds like and amazing date night. My hubby and I enjoy going for drives and just talking. Have a great weekend, Tracie!

  2. Most definitely agree about friendship aspect and thank god everyday that Kevin and I are friends, too. Even through it all, we very much just like being around each other and hanging out. And I am with you and chocolate and especially brownies, too ;)

  3. Love reading your Q&A. I also think that a man with a great sense of humor is attractive. Have a great weekend, Tracie.

  4. Your marriage has always been an example to me of what a good marriage looks like. I love getting glimpses into that love y'all share.

  5. I love this more than chocolate! And yes, I agree with you, I need the little diagram. I can't stand biting into a chocolate and then it's something gross in the middle. EW! Thank you again for swapping with me doll, it was so much fun! Hope y'all have a great weekend, give Thomas and Katie my love!

  6. Wow, I'd need two more weddings to catch up!
    I had a fixation with silly string when I was a kid. I'm so glad they still make it. I'll never forget that smell!

  7. Mmmmm... Godiva. Brownies. You've got good taste, girl! And you've had 3 weddings? That's a cool story!

  8. I love this! So fun. And three weddings? What!? :)

    Chocolate makes me happy and how much I want some right now is not good ...

  9. My husband and I are not big on gifts too, It's either a small trinket usually OR something really useful at home. We like practical gifts and when we buy them together most of the time.
    Whoa 3 weddings! Now, I'd like to get married 3 times too! With the same man I married 10 years ago hopefully! :)