From Tracie: I Am... {Old School Blogging}

Monday, May 18, 2015

I Am... {Old School Blogging}

I am transitioning.
I wonder what the next step is.
I hear Bearcat. Every day.
I see words. Beautiful words. Everywhere.
I want more.


I am alive.
I pretend all the time.
I feel deeply.
I touch the keyboard all day long.
I worry way too much.
I cry when I'm frustrated, when I'm happy, when it's Tuesday afternoon.

white flowers

I am growing.
I understand everything. I understand nothing. I'm sure I fall somewhere in the middle.
I say "I love you." (Even though the autocorrect on my phone ALWAYS tries to change it to "I lube you.")
I dream lucid dreams at night.
I try my best.
I hope for good things to come my way and yours.
I am not alone.


  1. You are most certainly not alone and wish for tons of good things your way, too!! ;)

  2. I haven't had a lucid dream in awhile but sometimes they come often and I love them. And I always fly. Or try to find food.

  3. I really like this. It's really tough pulling off this kind of gentle poetry and you nailed it. Thanks.

  4. No you are not alone by a longshot, you sound very much like me

  5. I touch the keyboard all day too! ha!

    I dreamed a wolf was trying to attack me last night. Must be b/c I ordered White Fang for my son to read over the summer yesterday. LOL.

    Glad you linked up!!