From Tracie: My First Thursday Thirteen!!

Thursday, June 15, 2006

My First Thursday Thirteen!!

Thirteen Things about Tracie

1. This is my first Thursday Thirteen. I have been trying really hard to think of an impressive first topic to do...
2. I wanted to do thirteen things about how last night I had one of the most annoying theatre experiences ever, but I think I can cover it in one--XMen 3, someone brought a two year old to the theatre~enough said!
3. I thought about telling you thirteen things that I like to do, but I couldn't get away from blogging and reading blogs long enough to have other hobbies!
4.Okay-#3 isn't completely true-I like to read books too!
5. I own a lot of books (I used to work at a bookstore) In fact we just moved recently and based on the boxes of books that my husband had to move, I bet he would tell you that I own 13x100 (1,300) books, and that wouldn't be much of an exageration!
6. I also watch a lot of movies--in fact I have often thought that I might have case you havent' been diagnosed with this I will let you know that it means that I can't walk by the DVD section of any store without buying a DVD!
7. The last DVD I bought was Chronicles of Narnia~The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe!
8. Chronicles of Narnia is also a set of books that I own!
9. In fact C.S. Lewis is a favorite author of mine!
10. I also love Francine Rivers!
11. I read a lot of childrens' books to my daughter-right now her favorite one is all about counting butterflies and learning colors--all of the butterflies are glitters and pretty!
12. Yesterday my daughter asked me if I could fly like a butterfly-sadly, I had to tell her no I couldn't. She told me that she pretended that she could and she would tell me how to do it!
13. I love to fly on airplanes....but my husband can't stand it. My daughter has only done it once, but she was too little to remember-but I have lots of pictures of her doing it!


  1. So glad you enjoyed Narnia. Caspian is due to start casting soon. :)
    Great first list.

  2. Welcome to Thursday thirteen. I did my first one about 3 weeks ago I think and I had the hardest time coming up with 13 things. I still do, to be honest. I can't believe someone brought a little kid to X3.

  3. Very nice list.

    Sadly, I can't fly like a butterfly either ... but I can imagine. :)

  4. We are bookaholics in this house. I am SO GLAD my boys all seem to like books, too! My oldest is reading a Narnia series over the summer. ;)

  5. Oh Do where PJ'S!!! Perfect Comfort-Wear...!

    I love that your daughter is going to teach you how to pretend to fly like a butterfly...Now how dear is that?

  6. Nice list! Try reading Astrid Lindgren's books to your daughter, they are great!
    You're so luck for loving to fly. I hate it! Whenever I have to fly it's awful. I spend the whole time antecipating my death and how awful it will be. But then I start wishing I'd die before the plane crashed and went up in flames... awful awful for me!

  7. I love your list. So much about you is in there. I love the CS Lewis books too. I read all of them in grade 6 and would love to get my hands on them again.

    Welcome to Thursday Thirteen.

  8. Welcome to TT. Enjoyed your list, especially your daughters comment :)

  9. One of the best things about hving kids is being able to read all of those books again. I read Narnia to my son and I can't wait to do the same for my daughter. I loved the movie, too!

    Great list!

  10. Welcome to TT. I enjoyed reading your list -- my favorite was your daughter's comment that she would tell you how to fly like a butterfly. How cute!

  11. Besides the annoying child in the theater (I hate that. Can you not hire a babysitter?) did you like XMen?

  12. Welcome to the Thursday Thirteen! There are MANY great people on this blogroll!

    I love flying, too....unfortunately, it costs too much. Books are another thing I love, I just haven't made much time for reading since having children and discovering blogging. ;)

  13. Have been seeing TT's for a while, so decided to try it to. Don't have any problems coming up with 13 things. Coming up with 13 interesting things is my issue. Your daughter sounds like a sweety. Love glittery anythings. No longer have my books, but they probably numbered close to a 1,000. (gave them to kids & libraries) We still have some of their children's books, one is "The Butterfly Ball". Love butterfly's!

  14. flying anywhere on a plane is the only way to go for me!!!

    Welcome to T 13

    My Thurs 13 is posted

  15. I get so scared when I fly!

    I still have never read the Narnia books. I just have no interest although I feel like I should for literacy sake.

  16. I fly a lot and luckily, Hubby likes airplane travel too. Very nice first Thirteen. Thanks for visiting my TT.

  17. Great Thursday 13. I am fairly new. Great picture too, is that a real place?

  18. A Disney DVD Collector here. Dumbo was my latest find. Welcome to T13 and what a fabulous start! -Margie

  19. Welcome to the Thursday Thirteen!
    You will have a lot of fun!!

  20. Hello, Michele sent me.

    Congratultions on your first Thursday Thirteen. I think it was a great start. Now you have a base from which to build other posts upon. Surprisingly, I saw CARS on a Sunday afternoon when lots of kids went but other than the flashing shoes, it was a peacefull experience.

    And personally, I can't handle the pressure of a weekly post, but that's just me.

  21. I played for the first time this week also, and let me tell you - yours is much better than mine! I'm getting a lot of ideas (read that, ideas to steal) and inspiration from reading a lot of the other T13's though :)

    We seem to have a lot in common, I'm a book-loving, DVD-buying kind of girl too :)

    Have a great day!

  22. Hi...Michele sent me.
    Congrats on your first Thursday Thirteen...I haven't gotten into that yet.
    But books I can relate to....and what your daughter said about flying like a butterfly was precious. Write it down, so you don't forget it when she's older.

  23. Welcome to the Thursday Thirteen. I enjoyed your post. I think you are funny (never heard of a DVD disorder...I'll have to use that one!)

  24. Strangely I liked the BBC Narnia better, because it is from my childhood! But the new one was still good, and much prettier.

    Sometimes I think I have good TT ideas, sometimes I have just random stuff that is kind of lame. Oh well!

  25. Michele sent me to see you, Tracie.

    I haven't participated in the Thursday 13 in at least 8 months. Except to toss in comments like this, that is.

    I'd love to see Xmen3. Maybe this weekend. I loved the first movie and thought the second one was pretty good as well. I really don't want to see any characters die tho.

    I've not seen the Narnia movie either tho I want to. I read the books when I was a kid but the Christian theme was a little heavy for me back then. I've become far more open to that sort of thing since then, Tracie.

  26. Michele sent me.
    I haven't had the nerve to do the Thursday Thirteen yet. Yours (really, the first?) was great.
    My girl is too big to read to now, just turned 20. I remember those days of reading books before bed. Her favorite was (and may still be) Goodnight Moon.

  27. Nice list !

    I love flying too : really good thing since I am a frelance musician and always on the go...

    Michele sent me. Have a great weekend !

  28. Welcome to TT!!

    I like Narnia too, it was a fun movie!

  29. Great list! I just did my first one last week too. I am also a book lover. No such thing as too many books!