From Tracie: "Next Blog" Button

Friday, June 16, 2006

"Next Blog" Button

You know that "Next Blog" button at the top of Blogger blogs? That one that just sends you to some random blog? I have to confess-I am an addicted "Next Blog" button pusher. I just can't help it. I will be sitting there, minding my own business reading someone's blog (or looking at the comments on my own) and then all of the sudden it will call out to me:

"Tracie, Tracie, come on you know you want to know - What blog will be next? Come on, Tracie, just once. You know you can't stand not knowing."

*Don't laugh at me-you know your computer talks to you too. Even if no one else in the room can hear it but you!*

So today I gave in and let myself click on "Next Blog" over and over and over. Then I got sent to a blog that didn't have that thing on the top and so I went back to the last one I was on and tried again-I got a blog with the precious button on it and kept on clicking.

At one point I had twelve blogs in a row that were in languages that I don't understand (not too hard considering I only understand English, but still it was interesting.) I came across
this blog which was interesting. And I kept on going. Some more blogs in languages that I don't understand....and then I kept begin sent to blogs that were just squares instead of writing....maybe it is my computer or something, but I promise you there would just be squares and occasionally the random letter. Weird.

This guy is talking about how he can't be shoeless-I for one love to be shoeless. I would do it all the time if I could-but since I can't I just always wear flip flops. I was the happiest person in the world when they started making flip flips high heeled so you can wear them as dress shoes...I love flip flops even more than I love clicking on "Next Blog".

The thing that I noticed is that a lot of people are writing about the World Cup--even in blogs that were in different languages I could make out stuff that I knew related to the World Cup. I haven't watched any of it myself, in fact I know basically nothing about it. I am pretty sure it is soccer, right?? I think I could like soccer, so, anyone who knows about it--who should I be pulling for to win?

And a random note--I am the worst speller in the world, so I try to remember to spell check, and would you believe that Blogger's spell check didn't recognize the word "blog"!


  1. Michele sent me, Tracie. Yes, again.

    I've not used the "Next Button" in Blogger in quite some time. I did try it early on in my blogging experience but it's probably been at least 6 months since I did it last.

    I'm with you, Tracie, regarding feet. I really don't like shoes and have them off at my first chance when I get home.

  2. LOL, LOL...I have never clicked on that "Mext Blog" thingy...I'll have to try it!

    I love that Church sign thing...and have actually seen it on a number of blogs in the past and had no idea where that came from...!

    Here from Michele tonight and now I'm going to "NEXT BLOG! lol!

  3. I've spent hours sitting here in a fog, clicking that next blog button. There are some really freaky things on Blogger...

    Here via Michele's tonight :)

  4. Michele sent me again.
    Yes that button does pull you in doesn't it.
    Have you also noted that right after you post you will have visitors from strange websites that are not your usual friends. I see these sites on the referral section of sitemeter. Some are really off the wall.

  5. ROTF... it doesn't recognize Blog... that is funny!

    Oh and I am right there with you on the barefoot thing!! I am looking forward to my new pair of Crocs... they have them in flip flops now!!

    Stopping by this evening via Michele to say Hello!!

  6. Firstly I want to say I love the top of your blog page! Very beautiful.

    That button called next blog scares me, One day it sent me to all porn blogs. I Kept thinking come on , I know for a fact there are other blogs out there then r-rated! So I stopped clicking up their. LoL The dictionary needs to be updated to add the word blog, lol, and ur amoung other computer words. :) After all it is the generation of the computer!

    Thanks for commenting on my blog.

  7. Hi Tracie! Thanks so much for stopping by yesterday! I intend to take a much needed nap the day after the birthday party.

  8. first, hilarious that blogger's spellcheck wouldn't recognize the word blog. that's just funny.

    next, when i was on blogger, i too loved that silly next blog button. loved it.

    here via michele :)

  9. I too, used to be addicted to the "Next Blog" button. I used it until I established a good-sized blogroll. Now instead of using it, I instead click on commenters of blogs I read regularly. That's how i found you - by clicking on you on a comments page.

    As for knowing nothing about World Cup Soccer, I envy you - I can't tolerate soccer.

    NIce Blog you have and a great picture banner at the top.

  10. Some days I push that button endlessly.

    Hello via Michele

  11. I'm with Hale, the Blogrolls or Comments on blogs you read can lead to some really cool blogs. I haven't used the Next Blog button in awhile, maybe tomorrow! Here from Michele's.

  12. Oh my gosh I completely love the next blog button. I have come across some pretty bizarre things that way.. but no regular reads as of yet. I wonder how many blogger blogs there are....

    Here from Michele's

  13. I admit, I'm a Next-er too. I just hate when those crazy ones come up that have all that crazy stuff that freezes my computer. I also dislike the ones that are missing the next blog button. But then I realized MINE is missing the next blog button.