From Tracie: My Husband and The Snake

Friday, June 02, 2006

My Husband and The Snake

My husband likes to play Star Wars Galaxies. He goes to this internet cafe because we have the slowest computer you have ever seen since the 1970's at our house. The internet cafe is very little and cluttered with many random things--one of which is a bunch of swords. (I couldn't tell you why, maybe it is in case a computer acts crazy they can take a sword and hack it to pieces-I know that I have wanted to do similar things to my computer over the years)

So, this morning he walks out the door and looks down to his feet and sees a big snake.
He was looking for something like a rock or something to have in his hand while he investigated it further, and grabbed one of the swords......he walks over near it and discovers that it is in fact a three foot long water moccasin! He quickly unsheathed the sword and hacked it's head off. One of the guys there looked at him and said "man, isn't star wars galaxies enough excitement for you?"


  1. EEekssss I don't do snakes...but then again I don't do alligators and you sure have your share of them in Florida!

  2. Maybe that's the real reason why they keep the swords there!

    Michele sent me!

  3. Years ago I was fishing with my dad. He was fishing with a lure and accidently hooked a water moccassin. He did not finish reeling the snake in but cut his line while the snake was still 20 feet out.

    Tell your husband to try the game City of Heroes

    Here from Michele's.

  4. And they say video games are a waste of time, without his training in the force who knows what might have happened. Michele sent me.

  5. heh heh. I guess grasshopper snatched the marbles from sensei.

    enjoyed the post.

    Michele sent me

  6. I guess the force wasn't with that water moccasin.

    Sorry, couldn't resist.

    Popped by from Michele's. Nice to e-meet you!

  7. Michele sent me this time, Tracie.

    You guys have an exciting life. One day a toilet attacks your daughter and the next snakes go after your husband. Maybe a galaxy far, far away would be safer! In the meantime, I hope he didn't hurt that poor sword on the sidewalk.

    I've seen a number of Rattlesnakes but never a Water Moccasin--and that's quite alright with me, Tracie. They're bad news.

  8. Glad he didn't get bit!!! I think everyone should keep a sword handy!!

    Stopping by this evening via Michele to say Hello!!

  9. My comments are just weird... all comments are moderated the first time some posts a comment, once approved, you are good to go!!

    And I am back again via Michele!!

  10. Oh, Lord! I don't do snakes either, but I am sure glad he had access to a weap[on when he did. Michele sent me.

  11. LOL, LOL, LOL! I think that is hilarious! You are too funny!

    Thanks for the visit earlier...!

  12. Oh my goodness. He really reacted quickly. I think I'd just be in shock for a bit if I saw a snake that big!

    Thanks for stopping by my site yesterday!!

  13. This reminds me of the time my brother and I were kids and visiting Grandma in Florida. He and I were fishing for crabs, and he got bored and wandered off. Awhile later he told me he'd caught a snake.

    My grandmother nearly dropped dead when she saw that he'd captured a baby water moccasin.

  14. I wish you had a camera! Funny, I'm just getting ready to post some conversations that went on in our household this morning.

    via michele.

  15. Here from Michele's this evening, that sounds scary! I'm soooo glad we don't have that type of problem here.

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  17. Snakes are good in their natural environment or zoos but internet cafes! No thank you. Here from Michle.

  18. Stopping by to say hello...

    You forgot to mention the part where he screams, jumps up and down, and yells in a very high pitched voice: snake, snake, there is a snake.

    Oh wait, that would have been my reaction. Although, if I did have a sword I would still react in the same way, althought, I would do it while handing someone else the sword.

    I hope you are having a glorious day.

    Yes, I sent me.

  19. Lol, LOL..THat is funny...Scary, too..but funny! I don't know if I would have had the courage to hack off the snakes head! (Are those snakes dangerous?..I am not familiar with them..)

    Thanks for your visit...and about the lizard...I don't think he was aware of me...and when they are sunning themselves, sometimes they just stay still....I photogrqaphed another one late this afternoon and he really let me get close and I swear....He Looked At Me! I felt very honored.

  20. Great googly moogly -- I couldn't have killed the snake with a sword because I'd already have dropped from a sure heart attack! What a story!!!

    Visiting from Michele's -- so glad I found your place!