From Tracie: Show of Hands

Friday, June 30, 2006

Show of Hands

I am so excited to have come across the Show of Hands Project.

I am a survivor of childhood sexual abuse.
I have learned to start being more open with my story (1 in 4 girls and 1 in 6 boys are sexually abused by the age of 18, so telling your story can open up someone else who has never been able to tell theirs before!).
I am part of a message board, or forum, for survivors.
I regularly write my elected representatives to promote pro-child legislation.
I even have a bunch of links in my sidebar to check out if you are a survivor or you have a loved one who is. (or even just to find out more-it never hurts to raise awareness!)

And, now, I am doing
this. It is pretty exciting for me because I have just started embracing the "artsy" side of me, which until recently was pretty much non-existent, and this appeals to that as well as another chance to get it out in the public that this is happening everyday. I just got my hand-print kit in the mail today, and I am hoping to get it done this weekend sometime. I will take a picture of it before I send it in and post it.

Does this post win some type of crazy award for having the most sentences starting with the word "I" in the history of blogging? Just Wondering!


  1. Wow, Tracie... Thanks for having the courage to share your history with us all. We all, in some way, overcome adversity in our lives, and it's really great to see how positive you are today.

    Best wishes with your project!

    ...Oh, and Happy Friday, Michele sort of sent me!

  2. Tracie:

    I hate stuff like that. It is sickening and it does so much damage. Good luck with the project. I am sure it will help many people.

    Here by way of Wendy.

  3. Wendy must have called a re-take... here I am again. :)

  4. HA HA!
    - Nelson Muntz


  5. You are a brave, courageous young woman. Doing great things. Wendy sent me your way, nice to meet you!!!

  6. Here from Michele's this morning and I'm sorry to read about your history but glad that you are finding ways and means to cope. I am surprised about the stats though, are there really that high a % of people who have suffered as you describe. I have never met a person who has admitted to being a victim and whilst i appreciate that it is probably not something that you generally shout from the treetops about nevertheless to see that 25% of girls have been struck me as unlikely.

  7. Tracie you are a strong person. Keep up that spirit. BTW, blogging is all about the "I"! LOL In a roundabout way, Wendy sent me.

  8. That sounds like a fabulous project!

    I hope to see it when it's done.

  9. May you be blessed beyond measure via this latest project!

  10. Wow...
    You brave soul! You are right that this happens far more than people know.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Good luck with the project too.

  11. It takes courage to share things like that. I have a friend who is also a survivor of sexual abuse and it's good to see people who are vocal about such a cause.

  12. thanks for sharing, tracie, i think you are a very brave person.

  13. Tracie, I applaud your honesty and courage in admitting your abuse and striving to do something helpful to others. Good luck with your hand project!

    Michele sent me.

  14. Thank you to everyone for being so supportive.

    Dave had asked about the statistic that I quoted. If you would like more information about it I have a section called "survivor stuff and causes I care about" in my right sidebar--click on Darkness 2 Light and under the "about sexual abuse" section you will find a lot of info.

  15. I am in awe of your courage, and know in my heart that you are doing so much good for so many.

    I have often written about the issue of child sexual abuse both on my blog and in my newspaper columns. I wish I didn't have to write about it, but reality dictates otherwise.

    Folks like you give me hope for the children of tomorrow.

  16. Wow you are so strong and brave to confront the issues that have plauged you since childhood. Keep up the good fight girl.

    Here from Michele's.

  17. There's nothing finer than learner to let oneself be creative. Way to go! You make a fine example for so many.

    Here From Michele's on this Canada Day.

  18. I'm here by way of michele's. Good to see you using your blog forum for a good cause.

  19. Hi From Michele's!

    ohhh... I don't know how to respond. I am a survivor. Those who need to know, do. I don't talk about it much. But I watch my daughter like a hawk. She will be one of the three who doens't know the pain.

    But I don't know if I want to stand up and identify myself. When someone needs the support of a person who has been there, I'll step forward for them. I wouldn't mind doing a hand for the project becuase it is anonymous. But I don't know if I could call it out on my blog. Congratulations for being so secure and ready to step up.


  20. Here from Michele.
    Sorry I'm so slow, was trying to pack a teenager, oops a 20 year old and have fun at the same time. Cannot be done.
    I admire you for having the courage to tell your story. If enough do it and enough get angry at the abusers, we CAN stop it.

  21. Hi Tracie,
    I just happened to read this post and wanted to e-mail you, but I can't find your e-mail address on your site. Someone close to me is also a survivor of child sexual abuse. It can be devastating. You are so brave to talk about it openly. I admire that.

  22. Sounds to me like you've come far enough to be as healed as possible. You did nothing wrong and sound like an amazing lady.

    Good for you! Talking is good, and you are not alone.

    Here from Michele