From Tracie: Weather Pixie and Red Hair

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Weather Pixie and Red Hair

I have seen those little, cute weather pixie's on several people's blogs recently, and because it isn't fair for you all to have one and me to not have one - I got one of my own. She's down there at the bottom on the left side.

Why did Tracie tell me this?
You want to ask--I know you do.

Well, I told you this just so that I can tell you that if you look closely, you will notice that she has red hair, and that is becuase I dyed my hair this week. Accually I let my mother-in-law dye it, but that is beside the point. The color is "Dark Mahogany Crushed Garnet"......which translates to dark red/brown (with an emphasis on red!). Maybe I will post a pic of my new hair color soon, but until then you can look at my weather pixie and imagine!


  1. cute weather pixie! i used to have one... then i deleted her when i attempted to clean up my sidebar...i meant to delete her... it wasn't an accident... i just got tired of her hanging around not doing anything!!!!

    here from michele's tonight... actually it's morning but i'm trying not to think of that right now....

  2. I wondered what those were. I never looked close enough.
    I love red hair. I go back and forth from red to blonde.

  3. Your weather pixie has no feet! Just tinnnnnnnny little ankles... ;)

    Here via Michele's tonight!

  4. Hi. Michele sent me. Who else would in the middle of the night, right? Very cute weather pixie! I can just see the color of your hair, becuase as you describe it, it is the same color my boss dies hers - and it is a lovely color. Good job!

    Oh... and I get a kick out of your word verification. it is fdwjerd. but in the font they've used, the j looks more like an i, so it's makes me think of "forward weird". kind of funny at this hour, for some reason....

    on that note, good night!

  5. Yay for a new hair color. I'm never brave enough. Bet it looks gorgeous. Post a pic! Post a pic!

  6. OK, your weather pixie is adorable, but I think you should know that she jumped over to the right side of the page. Yes, she did.

    Michele sent me today. Hope you're having a great weekend.

  7. You are right Karen...she did jump. Stay still Weather Pixie--no you can't live on the center of my page and you can't move into my scenic header shot!! Stay where I put you!

  8. Here from Michele.
    I don't have a weather pixie.
    But I do keep an intellicast radar on my desktop. Helps me know when to go get all the dog beds in from outside and shut the sunroom windows. It is supposed to have a little symbol when a tropical system pops up that is orange when a system is present and gray when it isn't. I think that part broke. Now it pretty much stays orange all the time.

  9. Go the weather Pixie!!! I was meant to come by last night or the night before but got side-tracked by other issues and well.. here i am!!!

    I think Reds are an amazing color for hair color... i used to be full on into the Reds, then i went dark... now im blonde AND hot pink at the same time!!! Thank goodness my work likes me and doesnt mind the hair color changes almost fornightly!!

    Good on you for giving a 'Hot Red Siren'look a go... :D

    Michele sent me, from AUSTRALIA!!

  10. Hey, we have the same pixie :) And the hair sounds great!! I think I am about due to re-do mine!! I love the burgandy color!!

  11. Very cute pixie. I'm sure your hair looks great. Post a pic!

  12. Great color! I had a pixie once. I changed things a bit, and totally forgot about her until now. Poor thing! ;)

  13. Cute weather pixie. I'm dying to see a picture of you with the actual hair color...