From Tracie: I'm Home Again

Sunday, July 16, 2006

I'm Home Again

We had a great trip! We left a day early (Tuesday-late afternoon) so our reservations weren't there yet, and there was a long search for a room, but we finally found one a couple of towns back down the road. It was a little scary, and in the morning about two minutes after our wake up call we heard a noise outside the room and suddenly the door opened and some guy who worked at the hotel was just randomly coming into the room...he said that he was there to clean, but come on people at least knock just in case the people are still there at 7am.

On Wednesday we checked into a much
better hotel (you can take the photo tour if you want--we stayed in the room with the king bed and the little couch)......No unannounced people walking into the room the whole time we were there.

We had incredible services all week and the buisness meeting went pretty quickly on Saturday. There was accually a lot of down time and we did a lot of relaxing in the room. Also, there was a lot of people there who we don't get to see alot, so we spent lots of meals eating out and catching up with folks. We loaded all of the sound equipment up on Saturday afternoon (our worship team sang-so we had to bring a ton of stuff) and headed home, unloaded everything at the church and then went home to bed.

Katarina left on her trip with grandparents on Wednesday, and they headed to Atlanta. They got to North Carolina today.....and she is going to be back on Saturday. It was nice having some vacation time-just me and Thomas-but now I am starting to really miss her and want her to come home. But, I am talking to her on the phone every day and I know she is having a blast. They even let her order room service and eat eggs and biscuits in bed. (I won't post a link to a photo tour of their hotel.....I wouldn't want to incite any jealousy!)

Here is a random side note. A few weeks ago I wrote about my experience watching people
selling money on tv. Well, at the hotel we had cable (a good treat for us since we just have rabbit ears hooked up on our tv at home) and we were kind of excited to get back to the hotel and have more than five channels to choose from. We went all the way up and saw what was on each channel to decide what we wanted to watch, it was kind of late on Thursday night and there were some informercials (several channels were selling Bare Minerals the makeup "so pure you can sleep in it"-at least that is what the commercial and web site say) And I even saw one channel with my old friends at the home shopping network selling gold plated dimes. I was begining to think that not having cable wasn't so bad after all. Then I kept on changing the channel and I found out what I have been missing out on during all of these non-cable years........All at the same time I was able to choose from:
3 channels showing people playing
1 channel showing people playing
and 1 channel with people playing
Dominoes........... and Dominoes really was showing on a sports station-which makes me have to ask. When did dominoes become a sport? Anyone?


  1. Dominos? On the sports channel? That is so bizarre.
    Here from Michele, Hi

  2. I only get 4 channels here so when I'm on vacation I love to flip around!

    I just tuned in from Micheles.

  3. I just surfed in from Micheles...
    strange first motel experience indeed....I think Dominoes has come "back"...

  4. I can't imagine life without cable (and cable MODEM). I'm such a TV junkie!

    Here by way of michele. Glad you had a good trip!

  5. You know, I like dominoes, but I definitely would say it's not a sport. Glad your trip was great. Welcome home.

    Michele sent me tonight. Hi from Wisconsin!

  6. Hey welcome back! It's always nice to go places but it's nice to be home too.

  7. Somehow I am not surprised that dominos is now a sport. Pretty soon they'll be airing parcheezie championships.

    Glad you had a great trip!

  8. So glad you had a good trip! Scary hotel at the first one, glad you found a better place.

    Believe it or not, I have a family member who swears by that Bare Escentuals stuff. Me, I buy el-cheapo from Walmart :)

    My husband was flipping by all the ESPN channels the other night (we have cable, and still can't find stuff on half the time!) and we saw them playing dominoes. I was like "that is SO not a sport", and he said, "they're desperate, plus poker is huge now". So there, you're not the only one!