From Tracie: Pirates!

Tuesday, July 18, 2006


We went to see
Pirates of the Caribbean 2 last night. It was really good. In fact I would even say that it was maybe better than the first one. The special effects and "costumes" were incredible!

I won't spoil any of you who haven't seen it yet but let me just say this--the ending was--great--but so WRONG!!! That is just what I kept, no don't just end......there has to be more. It just wasn't right. Although, I am consoled by the fact that there will be a third one and all questions will be answered and story lines tied up-I hope!

After we left the theatre we actually went to Blockbuster and rented movies...yes, it is true-I don't only compulsively buy DVDs, I compulsively rent them too! And talking about buying DVD's I am happy to say that this weekend I bought season 2 of
The Mary Tyler Moore Show.

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  1. I love that all the bloggers I have read who have seen "Piratss" LOVE the movie! Another reason to never read the so called Critics!!! My favorite way to see a film is without knowing anything about it at all--just the cast and director, you knoe? And not have had any input about it from the "critics"...and I don't mean bloggers...I trust 'the people' more than the so called professionals. I look so forward to seeing it...!

    btw: I had a teent tiny part on the MARY TYLER MOORE SHOW, but I think it was in Season 5, 6 or 7...I honestly don't remember...It was a "turn-your-head-and-you-miss me"...kind of part..LOL!

  2. My mother IDOLIZED Mary Tyler Moore so much that I feel as though I was RAISED by her. Don't get me started...

  3. I forgot all about Mary Tyler Moore. I'm more of a Rhoda girl. Perhaps I will check Netfliks and see if they are carrying these shows.

  4. OldOldLady--you are my telvision hero! I am so jealous!

    Oh...I love Mary and Rhoda!

  5. I want to see Pirates, but I am like the only person in the world who never saw the first one. I don't want to see two before one, so I will probably wait and rent.

    I remember Mary Tyler Moore show. I loved the theme song as a kid and when she threw up her hat. I thought that was sooooo cool!