From Tracie: Something I will never say again!!

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Something I will never say again!!

Something I will never say I felt a little like Britney Spears. No, don't worry, I didn't walk around town half naked or anything like that. Do you remember her almost dropping the baby? How that is all we heard about on the news for weeks it seemed? How no one could get past it or find anything more interesting to talk about?

Well, today that happened to me...sort of.

I was carrying Katarina up these cement stairs that had little mats on them, and one of the mats was falling off the stair, but I didn't realize it because, honestly, I couldn't see it. All of the sudden, I felt my foot slip and down we went. I held her up in the air as we were falling, so she is fine (she didn't even touch the ground the whole time) but of course it was still a scary moment for both of us. A scary moment which she relived all day today to anyone and everyone who would sit still long enough to, seriously, this afternoon we were in Wal-Mart and actually ran into my husband's kindergarten teacher (how random is that!) and my usually not-going-to-talk-to-a-stranger daughter started to immediately tell this woman who she had never seen before, "My mommy was carrying me on these stairs and then she fell and almost dropped me." Everywhere I went - I couldn't get away from it. And as a side note I also couldn't get away from the huge bruise on my knee that is throbbing and swelling, but that is a whole other story.

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  1. Hello Tracie:
    What a wonderful pic for your header.
    Where is that?
    From michelle visiting.

  2. hello, here from michele's.
    like your profile pic.

    hope your knee feels better..
    my girl scraped her knee today too.
    little girls are such a joy eventhough they talk too much...

  3. Ouch.
    Falling down the stairs is one of the worst things, isn't it? And it always feels like it happens in slow motion.
    Glad you and your girl are ok!

  4. yikes, i hate hearing stories like that. Thank goodness you weren't severely injured (or let's hope the knee doesn't get worse).

    good vibes from michele's

  5. Hope your knee is feeling better. Don't worry, we all have "bad mommy" moments. Here via Michele today!

  6. That was a good save! But ouch! that must be some bruise you have now.

    Here from Michele!

  7. That IS very scary, my dear...And Cewment, yet! I wondered if you hurt yourself in that fall...I hope it's just that bruise you mentioned...What an adventure!

    Thanks for your visits and your very good wishes, too...I am a lot better and hopefully will continue on this road!

  8. I'm glad to hear that Katrina is all right. I hope your knees get better soon!

    There have been times when I've almost dropped Baby Bug. It's usually when I'm walking down the stairs and our cat insists on walking between my legs.

  9. Here from Michele's this morning. You have a great header to your blog, where was it taken?

  10. I'm glad you guys are OK! That's what matters most. I'm always worried I'm going to trip and fall coming down the stairs with my son. Happens to the best of us. Just glad you guys didn't get hurt (apart from the bruise that is)!

  11. Ugh -- I feel your pain. I've fallen down steps with my little one too, only unfortunately I dropped my girl and she rolled down the last 3 cement steps. I sprang right up to get her and she only had a scratch on her arm, but I was seriously shaken up. This happened to me before Britney's little stumble, so I figured I couldn't say anything at all.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog last night! :-)

  12. Isn't that scary when that happens?! Honestly, it could happen to anyone, but you were lucky that paparazzi weren't following you!

    Michele sent me. Hope you're having a great day!

  13. Wow ... glad you're both okay. That's always so scary!

    Visiting from Michele's today!

  14. Yikes, though now your little one has a tale to tell! Shamer about the knee!

    Here from Michele's - Hiya!

  15. Glad you & the little one are ok!

  16. Out of the mouths of babes! The difference between you and Brit is that she has no idea that she's doing totally weird stuff. Totally clueless. We all have our moments. I just have hours.

  17. Kids... they're the greatest!!!! ;)

  18. Oh how scary. I worry about stuff like that all the time. Glad to hear your both ok. ANd hopefully she has forgetten it by now, so she's not telling on you anymore! LOL