From Tracie: Bob Ross and the Rabbits

Monday, October 16, 2006

Bob Ross and the Rabbits

I have already confessed my love of PBS, and I feel that I can say this without shame. Monday is "Bob Ross Day" at my house. All three of us love it. Especially Katarina. She always asks if he is going to show pictures of his squirrel, whom she immediately names Poncho or Lefty after the baby squirrels we raised last year until they were old enough to live on their own. (Typing that made me feel very Bob Ross-like).

We watched Bob today. The painting was "Snow Birch."

He shared a short video of a baby owl he was raising, and Katarina thought the owl was great.

Then he did what he always does while painting - he imagined the world he was making. It started with the birch trees. He explained that one of them was growing kind of sideways, because when it was a baby, a bear knocked it over.

Katarina immediately said, "Is the bear going to be white? Where is the bear?"

I told her he wasn't actually going to paint the bear; she just had to imagine it. I reminded her how cool the owl was, and she was satisfied.

A few minutes later he was painting the snow and said, "Right here is where some little baby rabbits live in a little hole, and they peek their heads out and look at the world."

Katarina said, "What color are the rabbits going to be mommy? I think they will be brown and white. What do you think?" A few minutes later, "Mommy, where are the rabbits?"

I told her that he wasn't actually going to paint any rabbits.

"But mommy," she said, "There are rabbits there. I think there are two rabbits. One, Two. Two rabbits. And I think they are actually brown. Don't you think they should be brown? I think he is going to paint them he is going to paint the rabbits....."

[Bob says good-bye and the credits start]

"Is it over? It can't be over!"

After the credits finished rolling, I asked her how she liked the picture. She said, "The trees were pretty. I liked the bear, but I liked the rabbits best. They were cute, even if he didn't paint them."

I guess just watching other people paint can inspire creativity.


  1. How come I've never seen this show before? I definitely have to go and check it out!

  2. Perfect story about imagination! I love this!
    I have been watching quite a bit of PBS lately...they have been repeating some brilliant documentary's all about the 60's...!
    Where did that passion go?

  3. I miss Bob "Happy little clouds"

  4. Aw, this makes me wish I had cable. I love bob ross and his happy trees and clouds.

    Cute story.

  5. OMG I love Bob Ross.

    There are no mistakes, just Happy Little Accidents. Aint it the truth!