From Tracie: Goodbye!

Saturday, October 07, 2006


It is time to say goodbye to summer........becuase fall is finally here and the coldness is creeping in and soon it will be time to pull out the winter jackets and scarves and mittens. So here is a few great summer pictures to celebrate the end of the heat with.


  1. Very nice photos.

    Welcome fall.

    Here via Michele, sort of.

  2. When the snow starts to fly and I need to pull on an extra sweater under my coat, I'll come back to these pictures to warm myself up. Kids, water and bubbles...what a great combination!

    We're celebrating Thanksgiving in Canada this weekend. I'd gladly give thanks for moments like these.

  3. is it cool in Florida. or is your location NORTH of there?
    here from michele ( twice)

  4. Hi, thanks for commenting at my place. Great shots of summer. It is bearly cool at night herel, still hitting the 90s during the day. Ah the Texas fall
    Happy Weekend

  5. You're quite right about Fall being here. Brrr! I've got a fleece blanket on my lap right now. 54f outside and 61f inside here.

    I hope you don't mind the change in seasons, Tracie. At least down in Florida, it's not long before it'll be warm again.

  6. wait a minute, it says you're from Florida. Since when do you need mittens and scarves? Here from Michele's and at where it was actually at freezing this morning and I put on a fleece vest and gloves to walk into town the coffee shop!

  7. Okay....yes I am in Florida, but the northern part of Florida, (We even get small amounts of snow every couple of years and I am hoping it will be this year) so it does actually get cold enough to need jackets and I wear the scarves because they are just too cute to pass up (and my daughter loves the scarves and mittens so much that she would wear them even during the summer if I would let her!) Durting the day is still pretty warm, but last night was definately jacket weather. I look forward to the cold every year.

  8. Here from Micheles,
    It's raining here in Virginia today & not even 50 degrees, I could use some of that warmer weather in the pictures myself!

  9. here from michele.
    SO ready for fall here in NJ. The best season ever! I usually use canned pumpkin, but it feels more "right" in the fall.

  10. Michele sent me, Tracie. Sorry--it's my second time today. I was aiming for Carli but you got there first.

    It's still raining here in NC and it's only 54. Fall is definitely here and I don't like it one little bit.

  11. I'm trying to figure out why you need scarves and mittens in Florida...I mean, I know it gets chilly, but seriously? Up here in Wisconsin, we know about cold!

    Michele sent me tonight. Stay warm!

  12. I don't know if our Summer is over yet, butit was colder here yesterday and today. I actually had to turn my heat on last evening....Of course it can warm up again here at any given moment...and no doubt will...(lol)
    I love the Summer and I rather like it warm instead of cold...!

    Nice pictures, my dear....

    This is no doubt a stupid question...but did you write those books over on the side? How fabulous!

  13. Great Pictures.

    Have a nice fall.

    Here from Michele

  14. Great pictures! I wish it would cool off more here, I'm ready for fall and winter :)

  15. Naomi--That wasn't a stupid question, but I admit that I have a stupid answer. Actually, I did not write those books. What happened is that I thought at one time I would put up pictures of whatever book I was reading, but I go through two or three a week (sometimes more) so that got to be too much to keep up with and I kind of forgot to take those last two down--that combined with the fact the the one author shares my first name did kind of convey that I might have written it, but I have to be honest and admit that they aren't mine. But I do feel complimented that you thought that I might have written a published book :) Maybe one day.......