From Tracie: -Friday Fragments

Friday, November 13, 2009

-Friday Fragments

Mrs.4444 is hosting her weekly Friday Fragments.....feel free to go play along!

~My daughter, Katarina, loves to paint her nails.  It is her very favorite thing.  She always wants to go to the nail polish aisle and buy a new color, and then she can't wait to put it on.  Recently we ran out of fingernail polish remover (I'll bet you can guess who used it all up changing their fingernail color every day) and I keep forgetting to buy more (no, not on purpose--I know some of you were thinking that!) so she has had to wait to change her nail color.  This morning, the very first thing that she told me after breakfast was, "Mommy, all the nail polish finally wore off and now my nails are empty!"  and then she ran off to fill them up with blue and pink!

~We have been knitting squares!  Yesterday when Katie was finishing up a square she told me, "Mommy, I need to take a knitting break, because my fingers are as sore as a hedgehog who walked into a porcupine with all it's spikes stuck out"

~My darling Thomas brought home Barnie's Santa's White Christmas Ice Cream last with chocolate yummy!! 

~Only eight more days until we go to Arizona!!! Yay!!

~While I am in Arizona, I won't be around blogg-world very much.....Un-Yay!

~I have been busy the past two Thursday nights in a row, and missed The Office.  Sad.

~After repeated watching, I have decided that the new Tinkerbell movie is cute, but I would have liked to see more of the other fairies, I feel like they got a little gypped this time around.  Terrance is great, but I am sort of over him now.  ..........this is the fun things that you get to spend lots of time analyzing when you have a six year old fairy fanatic!

~I have to thank all my sweet readers who came by last night during my blog-break-down and encouraged me!  Y'all rock! 

~That is it!  I am fragmented out (for now) Go check out the other fragmenters, and have a great weekend!


  1. What a coincidence - my husband and I are heading to Arizona too... in 7 days! :)

    Oh - I always miss The Office - we just can't keep track of shows around here, but we always buy The Office on DVD when it comes out and surprise ourselves by how quickly we go through them (laughing our heads off, of course)!

    I love your daughter's porcupine/hedgehog comment!! Adorable and funny!

  2. I'm from AZ. What part are you visiting? Nice fragments. It sounds like you've got a cute little girly-girl.

  3. Empty nails, love it! My 3-yr-old was very confused when I tried to tell her my french pedicured toe-nails WERE painted.

  4. Katie's hedgehog/porcupine comment totally cracked me up!!

    I absolutely agree with you on the Tinkerbell movie - the other fairies got gypped! :)

    Have a great time in Arizona!

    Happy FF! :)

  5. Have fun in Arizona...ahhh...warmth!

    I guess I've got the empty nails too! :)

    Happy VGNO!

  6. Your daughter sounds adorable. Kids say the cutest things.

    Long Overdue

  7. Have a great trip!

    Missed you for VGNO- hope you had a good one!

  8. 2 things. 1. you can watch full episodes of the office online at usually starting on friday after it aired.
    2. i CANNOT wait for you to see this week's episode. i totally thought of you the entire time and when you watch it, you will definitely know why!!!

  9. I wish I could knit. I haven't seen The Office in a couple of weeks either.

  10. Your daughter sounds so sweet! :) Yummy for the icecream! :)I hope you have fun on your trip! We will miss you, but everyone needs a little bloggy break every now and then. Have fun! :)

  11. Haha! I love the hedgehog comment =)

    I hope you have a good time in AZ. I wish I was headed somewhere sunny next week *L*

  12. That is sooooo cute that your daughter said that about knitting!!! :D :D :D

    I never watch The Office when it's on, I watch it on They post the 5 last episodes...go catch up NOW!!! ;) :D

    Have fun in Arizona! Sorry I haven't caught up with your blog in a bit...things have been C r A z Y !!!

  13. Finally stopping by for a VERY belated VGNO!

  14. Sorry it's taken me a while to get here!! It's been insanely busy around here.... So excited about your trip! Knitting is fun-it's a lifelong skill that's relaxing, as well as rewarding. I guess she does deserve a break, though, if she's working that hard!! :)