From Tracie: -A Letter to My Husband

Monday, November 02, 2009

-A Letter to My Husband

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Welcome to Marriage Monday! Today's topic is "A Love Letter to My Husband." Today we have the opportunity to express our postive good feelings about our spouses—and to let the world know!

   You are a wonderful husband, father, provider and best friend.  I know that we have had lots of struggles over the last few years, but I also know that in the future once we have overcome, we will look back on this time as a growing experience.  It will be the time when we learned how to make it through anything as long as we are together. 
    I see how hard you work everyday for this family, and I want to say thank you.  I love you!  You bring joy to me everyday.  You make me laugh.  You make Katarina laugh.  You encourage me in everything I do (crazy or not!) you are my biggest fan....and I am yours!  You never fail to dream big (even when I rain down on those dreams with practicality) You have made me a more fun person (even when you have to drag me to it!)  You pray for us and with us everyday!  You are awesome.  I can never say enough how much I love you and how thankful I am that God gave you to me.


  1. My husband has to drag me to things too, but when I'm there I'm glad! God is so good!

  2. Oh Tracie,

    What a beautiful tribute to your faith in Christ and to your man. I loved reading every word. Neat. Blessings upon your marriage. BIG hugs, Lynn

  3. Lol, I love how your husband has expanded your world with his (big) dreams and his love of fun! This is a beautiful tribute, and thanks for sharing your thoughts with us today through the Marriage Monday meme.

    Blessings, e-Mom :~D

  4. Oh how special!! Blessings to you and your husband.

    I pray your love continues to grow stronger and stronger♥

  5. What a sweet letter!! Thanks for your comment today on my blog I am so glad I encouraged you!!I think it's great you're going to help your mom!!

  6. I'm glad you two are so happy. That was sweet.

  7. I hope he will read this, lol ! because my Mr.G, just looks at my pictures, and not even that !

  8. All of these marriage Monday husbands must be feeling very loved and encouraged today. Beautiful letter!

  9. What a nice letter.

  10. What a sweet letter! I think it's always wonderful taking steps to reconnect in your marriage. My DH & I are currently taking part in a... well, for lack of a better words, an "intimacy" challenge. Gotta keep the spark, right?