From Tracie: -Love Poem

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

-Love Poem

Yesterday I participated in Marriage Monday and wrote a letter to my of the other participants used the love poem generator and I enjoyed it so much that I wanted to try it for myself.  Here it is....

Once More, My Love

This night I shall dream of your bedazzling Green hair and Tucan-eyes.

Wrapped in echoes of your mellifluous Nose-music, I long to sip from your Pineappleful lips.

In my dreams, we fly on the exquisite winged Okra of Purpleness -- skimming vast continents of Toes and Chinchillas.

The depths of all the oceans of the universe shall never separate our Mangos.

Brilliant as Runing Trees, the seas greet us from afar.

In the twilight we feast on chocolate-coated Zebras and tender Pencilhearts of love.

Adorned in white silk, we pluck our Foghorning love chimes from our Backs.

I press the Boat that you wear around your neck against my Toe-muffin so that our Pineapples melt into one.

You will always be my little Thomas-cakes face, the Tucan of my own Runing eye of love.

Have a great Tuesday full of Foghorning love chimes!


  1. I love things that will help those of us who can't write poems make them!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Winged okra of purpleness! Too funny!

    This is really fun, I think I might just have to try it myself.

  3. I would love to try this because I'm not a poet at all! I think you did a great job. Did he like it?

  4. That sounds like a fun thing to try!

  5. Wow! I feel like I secretly witnessed your intimacy!! So cool. No, in the movie "Overboard," he tells her the story of two lovers at sea that were from different worlds, and people tried to keep them apart, and couldn't and they were both jumped in the water after each other saying each other's names, "Katarina, Katarina"--"Otouro, Otouro." It's just kinda a silly story that he tells her. I think he made it up. Or maybe it's a sailors legend, no clue, I just thought of it when I saw your daughters name. I'm kinda a movie buff. I remember silly stuff like that. Everyone's afraid of me when we play Scene It the game, cause I kick BUTT!! Ha, Ha. Thanks for stopping in to see me!! I love poetry, have books and books of stuff I wrote all through life.

  6. That was fun! LOL! Thank you!

  7. what can i! ;)

    am dropping by from VGNO tru MBC

    so...see you around?
    hope u visit my blogs too and maybe we can exch links ;)
    life round me N you
    earthy me

  8. Hi Tracey - thanks for stopping by my blog today. If you every have any questions about Twitter, I'd be happy to help. BlogFrog also has a premium community of bloggers where there are hundreds of discussions going on about blogging (blog design, social media, search engine optimization, making money, etc). You can even submit your blog for a "blog critique". Anyway, just wanted to throw that out there - you can go to to find out more.

    Awesome poem generator - I'm going to have to check that out for sure. Thanks again for visiting my blog - I appreciate the comment!


  9. First, thank you for following my blog. Usually I'm more prompt at getting back to my peeps! LOL...

    The poem was adorable. I like "Adorned in white silk, we pluck our Foghorning love chimes from our Backs." well, I liked the whole thing, but this had me giggling.

    It makes me want to go try this.

  10. How fun! I'm going to have to play with that!

  11. LOL!!!!!!!!!!! Love it! Best love poem ever!!!