From Tracie: -Thursday Thirteen #5

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

-Thursday Thirteen #5

It is that time again....the Thursday Thirteen, which we all seem to post on Wednesday.  I don't know why, we just do!  Feel free to play along......

1. Hot Pockets makes chicken quesadillas now....not really Mexican food, but good junk food.
2. When I go to Arizona this month I intend to eat lots of real Mexican food!!  Yum!!
3. In fact, I hope to do that at Los Olivos in good!
4. Then I could eat dessert at the Sugarbowl........I am sensing a real food-related theme to this trip, but I just can't help it.  The food is so good there!
5. After watching The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown many times this season, I have decided that it is Charles Schultz's secret joke about how silly it is to believe in Santa.
6. Do you need a Budoir Pillow??  Because I have found the cutest one!
7. I try to let Katarina make her own the other night we were at the grocery store buying Pop Tarts because they were buy one get one free, and even though I really wanted the Brown Sugar Cinnamon ones, I told her that she could choose........then she starts gravitating towards the I try to trick her (as any good parent would) into picking the ones I want by saying, "You already picked the strawberry ones, why don't you get something like the Brown Sugar Cinnamon ones to go with them instead of the blueberry.  You don't want two berries, do you?  And these are really good when you heat them up, of course, it is up to you..." At which point, a woman standing next to us buying fiber-filled healthy granola bars starts laughing and says, "So your favorite Pop Tart is the Brown Sugar Cinnamon ones?" and once I answer her that, yes, they are, Katarina picks up the blueberry ones and declares, "Of course I want two berries, they are much better for you than sugar!"
8. To the Brown Sugar Cinnamon Pop Tarts-you got away this week, but next time I will be smart and buy you when Katarina isn't around....
9. Did you watch The Office last week?  Because if you did, you will understand why I will always refer to that wildly popular social networking site as "Book Face".
10. I wonder who decided to make it a Thursday Thirteen instead of a Thursday Three....Three would be so much easier ;-)
11. I re-watched Stranger Than Fiction last night.  I seriously love that movie!
12. Every time I watch it I want to ask everyone I see, " Do you find yourself inclined to solve murder mysteries in large, luxurious homes to which you may or may not have been invited?"
13. This made me laugh!

Have a great Thursday y'all!!


  1. I DID watch The Office and I posted that as my status update!!! :D *high five* :)

    I was confused as to why this was posted today..till I saw that everyone posts on, maybe I will break the trend and post it tomorrow? ;)

  2. S'mores are my favorite, but brown sugar and cinnamon is right behind them...You're funny.

    I have got to start watching The Office. I have all the one-liners down (from my son).... :)

  3. Book Face - bwahaha! Love The Office.

  4. LOL Love the video at the end. Fun list. Happy T13!

  5. Now you've got me hungering for Mexican food.

  6. ROFL over the poptarts. I usually try to get one berry (rasp. at the moment) and something else, usually the banana split or cinnamon. I really need to see Stranger Than Fiction, but somehow keep missing it.

  7. I love thirteens like this that wander all over the place. Randomness makes for great lists. I am contemplating making poptarts from scratch. I am trying to solve the chocolate fudge flavor in my head first, though.

  8. Katrina is a smart one! =) You got me interested in Stranger than Fiction. Wikipedia'd it, and now I really wanna watch it!

  9. mexican food sounds enticing! Can I go with you hehehe..

    My hand is full with my to do list

  10. I love Mexican food but not Hot Pockets :)

  11. I want to come visit you, eat mexican and enjoy the warm weather. Hsppy TT!

  12. I remember those pop tart days with my daughter....

    Have a great day!

  13. Did ya smack the granola lady? You should have smacked the granola lady.

    Dona Nobis Pacem & Thursday Thirteen

  14. hahaha that video is great!!! Had me cracking up! I wonder if I can do cpr with balloons!

  15. Definitely sneak out to the store and buy one, get one Brown Sugar Pop-Tarts. Yum.

    And the Mexican food? Now I'm craving it. This is very, very bad!

  16. Brown Sugar Cinnamon are the only pop tarts I love. Don't let them get away from you again.

    I love Mexican food too, I could eat it everyday and never tire of it.

  17. I'm hungry.

    And that was one well trained Bunny!Actor.

  18. Thanks for sharing your light-hearted list. It made me smile (especially the Pop-tart incident)!

  19. The pillow reminded me of a bright yellow bra I saw once with smiley faces on the cups.

    I loved Stranger Than Fiction too and the minute maid video was funny!

  20. Delightful random list ;-)
    I could go for some Mexican food about now. I'm playing belatedly on Friday this week.
    Hugs and blessings,

  21. I also love Mexican food ! Just made some Chili con Carne yesterday !

  22. I've been craving Mexican food for weeks now but there are no good mexican restaurants where I live!