From Tracie: -The Promised Story

Friday, November 20, 2009

-The Promised Story

Here is the story that I promised you yesterday....This happened back in 2006, and ever since then I have been wary of who gets seated next to me on a plane.  This is the excerpt from the post that shows up when those scary people search for something about bomb on a plane.....

    I have a special story to tell you, a true story--here is the title: "Don't say B___ on the Plane!" Are you intrigued? I know I would be............... On the way to Arizona, we had to sit next to this guy on the plane...

    First he tried to get me to sign up for his natural home health care pyramid business-I declined as nicely as possible. 

Then he took a nap. 

    After he woke up-he had burning, itchy eyes from his contacts. It was just a couple of days after the new no liquids rules so he didn't have any contact lens solution with him (which I think you can actually bring, but he didn't know that at the time) So he proceeded to complain about how much his eyes were bothering him. I was sympathetic-we still had two hours to go..........

   Then all of the sudden the pain in his eyes must have affected his brain because he decided to come up with an idea how he could sneak contact lens solution on the plane when he traveled home in a couple of days. He told me that what made sense was to just put some in a plastic bag and tape it to his leg. Because the metal detector wouldn't pick up on it and he could easily sneak it on. 

    At this point I was already looking nervously around to make sure that no flight attendants were standing nearby hearing this, because I was sure it was a forbidden topic---And guessed it he started saying "Of course I don't understand why those guys who were making the bombs didn't do that. You could easily go into the bathroom and untape the bags and mix the stuff together to make a bomb. If you wanted to bomb a plane that is all you have to do. In fact it would probably only take a couple of bags of stuff to make a bomb. Really bombing a plane probably isn't that hard" 

   I told him to shut up!  He just kept going!    I promise you that man said the word "bomb" at least thirteen times before Katarina saved me by wanting to ask for some of my Sprite....and then I pretended to sleep, because "Bomb Boy" was sure to get us all arrested if he was allowed to continue talking like that on the airplane! What an idiot! Don't say bomb on a plane!!  I'm glad that we weren't sitting behind an Air Marshall!! 
    I did ask the guy if he thought it would help to go to the bathroom and stick his head in the sink to try to get some water in his eyes.....he wasn't impressed with my idea. I was just hoping that if he stuck his head in some cold water he would come to his senses and stop saying "bomb" on the plane.
    For all of the people who are searching for bomb on a plane and come here--I want to be sure to tell you,  I am decidedly anti-bombing planes. I just want to make that clear.

There it is folks, the thing that is always in the back of my mind when I fly....will "bomb boy" be seated next to me on this flight?  


  1. Bomb Boy should wear his glasses when flying, not his contacts.

    The spring of 2002, I flew to Florida with my sister-in-law (who thinks she's a real hippie radical - but she's not) decided it was smart to joke about bombs in the line for security check. I was passed through (I kept telling her to shut up and when that didn't I totally disowned her.) She was strip searched.

    Flash 55 - Favors

  2. People really don't think before the speak do they

  3. I would have panicked...A lot. Who sits around and says bomb on a plane over and over and than tries to figure out how easy bombing a plane would be?

  4. I would have asked him, "Dude have you ever seen Meet the Parents?!?! YOU DON'T SAY BOMB ON AN AIRPLANE!"

  5. I always get the loonies next to me on planes. I've found wearing my ipod and looking at a magazine helps people realize that you want to be left alone!!

  6. LOL!!!!!!!! Too funny. Once me and my friend were waiting in line to get our plane tickets and we were saying that we didn't know why ppl were so afraid of flying as you were more likely to crash and die on the car ride there than in the air. The lady in front of turned around and freaked on me about how I shouldn't talk about plane crashes and went off at me for like 10 minutes...LOL!

    But even I would never say the "b" word ON a plane!!! Crazy man!

  7. Yeah, not an appropriate conversation for a plane ride for sure!! Hope I never sit by bomb boy on a plane either!!

  8. That'sthe worst part about traveling, no matter what class you travel. WHO is going to sit next to me. I always dread that part of it!!

  9. LOL I feel so sorry for you but funny story

    p.s. I am with you on the anti b thing

  10. Oh, now I get it! I feel your pain. And I won't mention the b word.

  11. Very funny. I've never flown on a plane, but that line of conversation would be irritating anywhere.