From Tracie: -Thursday Thirteen #7

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

-Thursday Thirteen #7

Welcome to Thursday Thirteen....that we all seem to do on Wednesdays!  You can play along too!

1. I love looking at the ways that people find my blog.  Most of them are pretty normal searches, but some of them are a little strange.  Here are some from this week...
2. "Tracie"....this one is pretty self-explanatory. 
3. "Microsoft Owns Google"......oh no, those guys from the IHOP found me!!
4. "Music Notes for 'A New Wold Somewhere' ", I don't have those.  Sorry!  But it is a great song.
5. "Boiling Peanuts Without the Shells"........You are supposed to boil them with the shells.  Just don't eat the peanut shells like Don did
6. "Tracie Cannada", I didn't spell Canada wrong, the searcher did.  This is why spell check was invented.
7. "Companies Going Bankrupt" ......I have no wisdom on this.
8. "Raw peanuts in Arizona"......people really loved the peanut searches this week!
9. "Say Bomb on a Plane".....this is a story that I will be re-addressing later this week when I leave for Arizona. 
10. "Gingerbread Pancakes Eggnog Pancakes" yummy!
11. "Bob Ross Rabbits" .......I love Bob Ross and all of his happy little trees!!  But he never did paint those rabbits.
12. "Steward's of Children".....Everyone should get this training!
13. That is some of the searches from this week (minus a bunch of repeats....I had no idea that so many people search the name Tracie or try to find the meaning)

I will be in going to Arizona on Saturday for the next couple of weeks, so blogging and commenting will be sparse, but my husband (the crazy list maker!....he loves to make lists) has offered to fill in for me and do my TT next week. We will see.

Please don't forget that SuppahMommy's auction for Jaden is starting soon.  Go bid on something!


  1. Hi Tracie :)

    Thank you so much for your comments recently on my side of the world...with my job I have such a limited amount of time to spend just reading and such, but I am glad that over the last couple of years you have consistently come back to view my work and I thank you for that!

    I love the searches...its amazing how people find you sometimes isnt it!

    NEXT STOP - do a full-sit-down-read about Jaden and see how I can help out.

    Take care

  2. Huh, now you have me thinking. How do people find my blog? Good post and Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. What a great list! This made me laugh!

  4. LOL! Beware the IHOP fellas! =) It's fascinating to see how people find your blog. How do I do that too?

  5. I love looking at my search words too. I have half a post written on it with some real funny ones...some of them I have no idea how they end up on my blog!

  6. LOL! Love the list!
    Have fun in AZ... don't worry about the flight. Hubby has been a pilot for almost 20 yrs.. no biggie. Flew alone w/ my boys... no biggie. Even potty trained in airports... no biggie. The best part? Airport book shops!

  7. It's always interesting -- and sometimes funny -- to see the different ways people find your blog!

    My Thursday Thirteen

  8. I'll check out "A New Wold Somewhere" :) Happy Thursday or is it Wednesday there yet? :)

  9. Most people find me through food. I think French Toast Casserole and Homemade Instant Oatmeal are the top two. Yours sound much more interesting.

  10. Good for you! I am still trying to figure out how to get my blog in searches! I am a total newbie! Enjoy your trip! And thanks for posting on my blog!

  11. #5....didn't know that.

    My 13 is notations of a special holiday long will it take you to figure out what song it is? You'll need to scroll down a bit below my Thursday Thunks to find my 13 --they are posted if you'd like to stop by for a visit today....HERE

    Have a great Thursday.

  12. I posted my favorite recent one on Facebook the other day: Granny Rain Bonnet Porn.


    I am wondering what's up with those peanut-obsessed people, though. And if I can spin it into some sort of fiction...

  13. Those searches are always a source of entertainment. The ones that get me are of my full name from somewhere where I don't think I know anyone.

    Do you write about peanuts much?

  14. What fun! I'll have to check that out myself. Have fun on your trip. Happy T13!

  15. You realize now that you've listed them you'll get even more search engine pops for confusing things.

  16. that's some interesting stuff

    i don't even want to think about how they found me

    prob something about poo or pee

  17. Do you have Google analytics too?
    I just put it on my blog so we'll see what happens in a month. Saw you commented on my little ole blog. Wanted to repay the favor. If you LOVE Supah you must be cool. So I'm followig you now.:)
    How do you do that cool rolling sidebar? It is awesome. I noticed it on Supah's page.

  18. eggnog pancakes? that sounds like my dream come true!

  19. That's really interesting, how do you see what they searched for? LOL

  20. lol, my #1 search is the New England Blizzard of 1978 as I wrote a reminiscence of it a couple of years ago.

  21. That's fun. I haven't a clue how to check my traffic. I did a Bob Ross happy trees painting years ago. Everyone loves it, especially my daughter. I think it's crap, though.

    Thursday Thirteen - My Drive to Work

  22. What is up with the peanuts? lol - So sorry you won't be here the next couple of weeks. Have a great time while your gone!

  23. I never get any interesting searches. *Pouty lip* I did get Stir-Fry Lesbian one time. (If I already told you that I apologize.) Have a safe trip!

  24. Oh man, boiled peanuts are SO gross! have fun on your trip.

  25. Fun post! I look at those google searches, too, but mine are not nearly as entertaining as yours! Peanuts!!! Lol

  26. So funny! When I look at what people type in for search terms to find me I'm sometimes shocked and awed, lol.

    Thanks for stopping by my 13 reasons why I started to paint the old fashioned way again - please stop by again, I enjoyed your comment.

  27. Heh. I love looking at the google searches! Yours are awesome!

  28. what a great list :)

    I smiled and laughed all through!

    Paradox of Our Time