From Tracie: -Watching Molly

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

-Watching Molly

I had it in my schedule to catch up on blog reading and writing tonight..........

Then I saw a facebook post from a friend.........

"Streaming Live 24 hours a day.....Molly the Wild Barn Owl....she is so gorgeous........They are HATCHING!"

With a post like that, how can you not click on the link?

Fifteen minutes later after I had gotten Katarina up out of bed (at almost 11pm!) I was hooked.  You might even say obsessed.  At this point two of the owlets have hatched....and I realize that it will be impossible for me to do anything else until I see the other four hatch.  So, if you are wanting to see me for the next week or so....come to The Owl Box.  I'll be there with Katarina.

If you want more info about Molly, she even has a blog, Molly's Box.......she's a blogger?  Now that is my kind of owl!


  1. She wasn't doing much when I was there, just sitting on the nest and looking at me. I felt like a voyeur!

    A new kind of online zoo.

  2. Who knew owls could blog?

  3. That is amazing! We once watched a bear giving birth, it was so cool! :)

  4. I am afraid to click the link. i don't need another distraction.

  5. How awesome! Thank you for the link!

  6. That sounds like a good one for the kiddos to watch. Much better than the crap they watch on YouTube all the time.

  7. Thanks a LOT. Now I'm an owlcoholic, too! :)